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Susie Purves, Executive Director
Michael Falter, Program Director
Ryan Uhlhorn, Operations Manager
Lindsey Gerhard, Marketing Manager
Ariel Brownstein, Membership and Development Manager
Ariana Dorshkind, Volunteer Coordinator
Grace Schrater, Assistant Manager
Lucas Holtgeerts, Education Outreach Coordinator
Winnie Griffith, Pickford Art Studios Manager

Steve Meyers, Projectionist
Carey Ross, Projectionist
Kevin Ledford, Projectionist
Kristen Stanovich, Projectionist
Michael Barone, Projectionist
Ariana Dorshkind, Projectionist

Pickford Film Center Board of Directors
Brian Sibley

Brian Sibley, Board President

Brian Sibley joined the PFC board in March 2009. He’s been a film buff since 1977, when his parents first took him to see Star Wars. As the principal of Sibley Communications, Brian provides a variety of marketing and public relations consulting services to organizations of all sizes around the country. Brian combines his marketing and PR background with his experience in the performing arts to help the PFC to reach new audiences, create new opportunities and bring diverse groups of people together to celebrate film and filmmaking.

Becca Shew

Becca Shew, Board Vice President

Becca Shew joined the board in 2012. She is a longtime Bellingham resident and Pickford Film Center supporter. She has attended many local and independent movies in addition to developing creative work that helps with Pickford’s fundraising efforts, including marketing the past NW Projections Film Festival and the annual PFC Red Carpet Affair. As one of the owners of Shew Design, a graphic design and marketing company, Becca is committed to creating a vibrant, sustainable downtown culture. She is passionate about design, letterpress printing, and, of course, movies – with tastes ranging from high art to lowbrow schlock. She may have read every Marilyn Monroe book ever made and has watched 1978’s Dawn of the Dead more times than she can count.

Meg Greenfield

Meg Weber

Meg joined the board in 2011. She believes that cinema is one of our most powerful cultural expressions. Meg comes to us with a background in cinema and a master’s degree in cinema from the University of Iowa and a finance background with an masters in business administration from the University of Rochester. Meg serves as Finance Committee chair and blissfully meshes the two sides of her brain at the Pickford. When she’s not being a film fanatic Meg is the Interim Director at the Center for Economic Vitality, a community outreach arm of Western Washington University’s College of Business and Economics. The Center for Economic Vitality promotes economic vitality in Washington state through expert advising and applied research for businesses, government and community organizations. In her spare time Meg runs, bikes and laughs with delight at her growing boy.

Christine Park

Christine Park

Christine joined the PFC board in 2011. She and her family have been supporters of the Pickford for many years. Her son, Andrew, helped install the original seats in what is now the Limelight. Recently retired as a realtor, she’s delighted to work with the vision of expanding the services the PFC can provide for the community. Other board experiences are with the Whatcom Association of Realtors, Lydia Place, and fund raising for the Pickford. Going to the movies a lot is part of her life; her husband Doug teaches film studies at WWU, and he’s thrilled that his long legs have more room in the Pickford and Limelight.

Michelle Millar

Michelle Bouma

Michelle grew up on stage…dancing, singing and acting. She has a deep love for the arts and an even deeper love for her community. She lives, works and plays downtown. Michelle opened Mi Shoes in 2005 and has successfully made it Bellingham’s favorite women’s shoe store. When she’s not working hard putting beautiful shoes on the feet of the women of Bellingham…..she can be found hiking, biking, running or practicing pilates and yoga. She has a daughter that is quickly turning into a beautiful, young woman and a husband that makes her the happiest woman in the world.

James Willson

James Willson, Board Treasurer

James Willson joined the PFC board in 2002. After a 25 year career in the fire service, he now works with commercial property investments. A long time participant in the Bellingham trail running community, he can often be found slogging through the Chuckanuts training for ultra-marathons.

Helen Morgan Parmett

Helen Morgan Parmett

Helen joined the board in 2013. After moving to Bellingham in 2012, she knew the Pickford was a special place in Bellingham that brought together the community. Her background is in critical media studies, and she is an Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Western. Helen’s research focus is on media spaces (like the Pickford!) and their relationships to community and identity. She teaches classes on media literacy, media advocacy, and communication theory. When she is not researching at the archives, teaching, or watching film or TV, she is outdoors skiing, hiking, or canoeing.

Dawn Dietrich

Dawn Dietrich

Dawn Dietrich joined the PFC board in 2013. After partnering with the Pickford to screen films for her Western students over the years, Dawn was delighted to join the board formally. She hopes to bring her experience with film education to help the PFC expand educational outreach in the schools in Whatcom County. As a professor in the English Department, Dawn teaches courses in literature, film, and media. She specializes in the transition from print to digital culture, helping students become aware of how they create feedback loops with intelligent machines–and what that means for literacy. She teaches courses in trash cinema, Japanese anime, independent filmmakers, cybernetic fiction, electronic literature, new media, graphic novels, and critical and cultural theory. When Dawn isn’t in the classroom or watching movies, she enjoys being the mom of two teenage kids, a hiker, a gardener, a cook, a reader, and a trail runner. She loves the outdoors nearly as much as she loves the Pickford.

Christina Kobdish

Christina Kobdish, Board Secretary

Chris joined the board in 2013. She has a background in film and video production with a B.S. from the University Of Texas College Of Communication (Radio/TV/Film). Following graduation Chris produced independent film, documentaries, and corporate film and videos. In 2001 Chris moved to Washington and became the Director of External Affairs at Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood, and she now serves as the Director of Planning Development at Unity Care NW. In her spare time Chris loves to garden, explore the many trails in Whatcom County, knit, pickle anything that might be tasty, and of course, watch as much film as possible.

Scott Pelton

Scott Pelton

Scott has lived in Bellingham for 17 years. He’s a place maker, an innovator and an advocate. His day job is the Sales, Distribution and Hiring Manager of the Cascadia Weekly. Scott also own Bellingham Tap Trail, Bellingham’s beer map and brewery tour company. He spends his time remodeling his house and developing ideas. His wife fields his cinematic observations regarding editing and production, mid-movie.

Angela Anderson

Angela Anderson

Angela Anderson joined the PFC board in 2015. As a Senior Deputy with the Whatcom County Public Defenders Office, she represents indigent defendants accused of serious felony charges. She and her husband moved to Bellingham in 2006. Now they have two children and they enjoy all the benefits of living here including gardening in the backyard, raising a couple of chickens, taking the kiddos to Elizabeth Park and of course seeing a film at the Pickford!