Pickford Film Center is expanding K-12 education initiatives by continuing to create new programs that serve our community, and build a new audience of future filmgoers. We are grateful for the generosity of individuals and foundations, whose support makes these programs possible.


In October 2014 in conjunction with our annual Doctober film festival, Pickford Film Center started Doc-ED, a program which now provides the entire Bellingham public middle school population (2,400 students) with educational documentary film screenings at no cost to their schools or guardians.

Media Literacy

In the Fall of 2015, Media Literacy courses were added to our docket of educational programming, and were made available to 240 middle schoolers. Media Literacy, by definition, gives our students the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media, giving them the tools to understand and interpret the hundreds of media messages that bombard them daily. Media literacy workshops are now available to classes of all grades as
well as parent, teacher, and community groups.

Guerilla Film Project

The Guerilla Film Project, a popular three-day film-making competition for high school students has been offered every year over President’s Day Weekend for the last 11 years.

Film Festivals and Series

PFC hosts the Bellingham Children’s Film Festival in March, which features family-friendly films as well as special school screenings, related art projects and an ice cream social. PFC also offers special screenings of National Theatre Live and Shakespeare’s Globe On Screen plays to high school and university classes, and the cinema is available to schools for field trip rentals year-round.

For additional information about educational programming, please contact Education Outreach Coordinator, Lucas Holtgeerts.

Landfill Harmonic Class Trip

“Media Literacy Comes to Bellingham”, Media-inc.com

Thank you to those who supported PFC’s Education Fund in 2015:

Lead Contributors
Mary Redman
Whatcom Community Foundation
Humanities Washington

Anne and Michael Abrams
Craig Allen and Karen Reid-Allen
Angela Anderson
Teresa and Leo Bodensteiner
JoAnn and Jack Bowman
Susan Albert and Peter Bressers
Dorothy Burke
Marybeth and John Campbell
Laura E. Chandler
Karen Christensen and Christopher Paterson
Carol and Dennis Comeau
Karen Duddlesten
Ali Erickson
Lisbeth and Alan Fritzberg
Carol and Frank Hunt
Bonnie Hurtig and Bill Van Hees
Mary Jensen and Fumio Otsu
Sarah Ludwigson
Linda Lehn and David Mauro
Lois and Bob Nicholl
Judy and Jim Orvik
Janet Ott
Patricia Yust and Jeff Popp
Susie Purves
Eric and Pam Sankey
Sheila Sondik and Paul Sarvasy
Warren Sheay
Ruth Shuster
Cheryl Souza
Peggy and Jim Stewart
Hal Thurston and Mary Swenson
Diane and Bob Trunek
Trunek Family Trust
Kristin and Hank VanSchelt
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