Sponsor Reels

Membership, ticket revenue, and popcorn sales go a long way toward sustaining Pickford Film Center’s mission to bring independent film to Bellingham—but we count on our Sponsor Reels to make many special programs possible. Please take the time to thank our sponsors – they’re supporting independent cinema in Bellingham! Visit their websites, purchase their goods and services, and thank them for supporting Pickford Film Center.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Our sponsorship program is a fantastic way to reach a wide, captive audience at a very affordable price. As a thank you for a monthly sponsorship donation, we offer a slide on our on-screen sponsor reel. These slides play continuously in all three theaters in both Pickford Film Center and the Limelight Cinema, every day, before every single film. Email or contact Lindsey Gerhard at 360.778.9877.

Thank You to our 2013 Donors


Ali Erickson
Anne-Marie Faiola and Chris Renoud
Carole & Mickey Ghio
Elizabeth Fergus Foundation
Jane Talbot
Katherine Dalen
Lois Bateson
Prentiss and Lee Cole


Alix Snyder
Amy Kraham and Gib Morrow
Andrea Warner
Ann and Lee Gorsuch
Ann Ziccardi and Mark Denkler
Anne George
Mary Cole, Aqua Island Technologies, Inc.
Arlan and Diane Norman
Arlene Beacom
Barry and Dawn Landau
Bill Keese
Bob and Sheila Goodwin
Brian Sibley
Brita and Peter Kiffney
Bruce Veale
Carol and Dennis Comeau
Carol Blaney
Carole and Richard Johnson
Carole Lefcourte
Charles and Mona Cooper
Christopher Brown
Cindy and Bob Klein
Cindy Madigan and Therese Kelliher
Lydia Bennett, CRE West Coast LLC
Daniel Kirkpatrick and Lisa Beck
Darlene Millican
Darol Streib
Dave and Mary Lippiatt
Dawn Dietrich
Debbie and Dan Raas
Deborah Dean-Flannelly
Delores Hardesty
Denise Ranney
Desiree Casson-Wald and Joe Wald
Diane and Bob Trunek
Diane Arvin
Diane Hagen
Donald and Berenice Hardy
Dr. Allan & Donna Buehler
Nancy House, Electrolysis Northwest
Elizabeth Fergus Foundation
Elsie Heinrick
Eve Pryce
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fred and Linda Tiffany
George Bertschler
Cheryl Souza, Hafer Family Foundation
Hal Thurston and Mary Swenson
Helen and Richard Scholtz
Helen Minari
In Memory Of Roy Grothe
Irwin and Frances LeCocq
James Stewart and E Rich
James Sutherland
James Syck
Janet Brynjolfsson
Janet Jungkuntz
Janet Murray and Everett Aison
Janice and Lindsey Vereen
Janice and Stan Claussen
Jeanie Birchall
Jeriel and Linda Snider
Jim and Sally Rothwell
Jim McLeod
Joan and Marv Wayne
JoAnn and Jack Bowman
Jodie and Carl Taylor
Jody Kuski and Mike Navarro
John & Melissa Schapiro
John and Kathy Whitmer
John and Linda Hodge
José and Ann Cabré
Karl Sponberg and Barbara Quick
Kate Birr and John Lawler
Kate Dunne
Kathleen Hutchins
Kathleen Shaw
Kay Caylor and Bill Kern
Kim and Jim Bachman
Kristin and Hank VanSchelt
Laura Backer
Laura E. Chandler
Linda Blackwell and David Goldman
Lisa and Bill Distler
Loch and Susan Trimingham
Loraine Boland and Raymond Nelson
Lorne Kenyon and Wanda Maddox
Marcia and Richard Morrison
Marcia Leister and Johannes Janson
Margaret McGowan
Marilyn and Larry Richardson
Marti and Arthur Caputi
Maureen and Rick Braun
Melinda Casey
Michael and Michele Tomlinson
Mike Hilty
Miriam Mirabile
Myron and Elka Fink
Nancy Merry
Nanette and Ken Leaman
Pat Burman
Patricia Bartz
Patricia Yust and Jeff Popp
Paul Davallou and Susan Miller
Peggy and Jerry Hastings
Peggy and Jim Stewart
Peggy Giesecke
Susan Albert, Pepper Sisters
Peter Arneil
Ressie Della Rosa
Richard Beecher
Richard DeWaard
Richard Horton and MayMay Gong
Richard Mollette
Robert and Dorothy Davis
Sandra Peterson
Sandy and Douglas Carpenter
Sarah Ludwigson
Shannon Hager
Sharon McCoy
Sheila Sondik and Paul Sarvasy
Sheila Walls
Shelly and Steve Larsen
Shirley and Jim Zuanich
Solveig Apt
Stan Snapp
Steve and Kathleen Barrett
Steve and Neelie Nelson
Steve and Noel Paus
Sue and Bob Hynes
Sue Hunt
Tamara Tregoning and Caleb Sanders
Teresa and Leo Bodensteiner
Terry Oakes
Therese Kelliher
Tim and Janet Murphy
Tom and Terri McCalla
Trudie and Frederick Goodman
Wanda McGlasson and Alan Heezen
Mauri Ingram, Whatcom Community Foundation

Digital Deadline Donors

Pickford Film Center board and staff are deeply grateful to the individuals, businesses, organizations, foundations and corporations who have generously contributed to our Digital Deadline campaign. With their help we have raised the funds needed to purchase and install our new digital projectors. Their support of our conversion to this industry mandated equipment shows their dedication to inspiring and educating the entire Whatcom County community for many years to come.

+Digital Deadline Donors - We love you!
200+ Anonymous
2071 Ponderosa BG’s
Adam & Jean Ciochon
Adria & Clayton Libolt
Adrian I. Wolfe
Afred & Harriet Arkley
Alan & Ellen Alquist
Alan & Susan Rhodes
Albert Fields
Albert Newman
Alek J. Talevich
Alex Hudson
Alexandra Gehring
Alexandra Wiley
Alice Clark
Alice Gustafson
Alicia & David Lanz-TAP Fundraiser
Alicia Herzog
Alix Snyder
Allan & Susan Richardson
Allison Spielman Advisors via Hank Van Schelt
Alton & LeeAnn Cogert
Amanda Blue
Amy & Ken Mann
Amy & Phelps McIlvaine
Amy Whiting & Warren Rosenthal
Andre Yinn
Andrea Elliot
Andrea Olson & John Perini
Andrew & Ursula Zvilna
Andrew Cutter
Andrew Maxwell
Andy Anderson
Angel Fund of the Whatcom Community Foundation
Angela & Brian Watson
Angela Baker
Anita & Miles Cramer
Anita & Ray Ballweg
Anji & Todd Citron
Ann & Gary Moore
Ann & Jose Cabre
Ann & Pug Edmonds
Ann Davidge
Ann Hallock
Ann Prevost
Ann Walton
Anna & Arne Ahlen
Anna Rankin
Anne & Michael Abrams
Anne Brown
Anne Caldwell
Anne-Claire & Sebastien
Anthony & Quinn Greer
Aqua Island Technologies
Ariel & Kenneth Lennon
Arlene Beacom
Arlene Feld
Arthur Carter
Ashley Fullenwider & Matt Krogh
Barb Campbell
Barbara & Michael Ryan
Barbara & Scot Crews
Barbara Cummins
Barbara Gilday
Barbara Jolivette
Barbara Lancaster & Dana Mattson
Barbara Mathers-Schmidt & Bob Schmidt
Barbara Matilsky & Jyoti Duwadi
Barbara Schickler
Barbara Siemion
Barbara Thompson
Barbara White
Barbara Zielstra
Barry & Dawn Landau
Barry & Debby Meyers
Barry Christensen
Barry Simmons
Barry Ulman
Bay City Supply
Becca & Eric Shew
Becky & Paul Klein
Becky Burns
Becky Pillai
Bekki & Russ Weston
Bellewood Acres
Benjamin Greene
Bert & Sue Webber
Beth & Herb Seils
Beth & Jeremy Standen
Beth Farley
Beth Fuller & Frank Mitchell
Beth Stickley
Betsy D. Sauther
Betsy Wilson
Betty & Steve Pratum
Betz Family
Beverly Jacobs
Beverly Smith
Bill Keese
Birthroot Midwifery Service
Bob & Ann Cooper
Bob & Lauren Fritzen
Bob & Sheila Goodwin
Bob & Sherry Jenkins
Bob & Sue Hynes
Bob McDonnell
Bob Witherspoon
Bonnie & Ellen
Bonnie Hurtig & Bill van Hees
Bonnie J. Pattridge
Bonnie K. Bird
Book Clubs!
Brad & Sandra Hubbard
Bradley Harvey
Brenda & Matt Dennis
Brenda Miller
Brian & Deborah Genge
Brian Dunphy
Brian Sibley
Bruce & Barbara Bartee
Bruce & Jodie Barbour
Bruce Hamilton
Bruce Radtke
Bruce Rooney
Bruton & Schellberg
Bryonne Langlois
Byron Dodge
C.S. & W.B. Anderson
Cara Brooke
Carey Ross
Carla & Ed Rutschman
Carmen Gilmore
Carol & David Smith
Carol & Helen Bee
Carol & Jeff Reppun
Carol & John Choulochas
Carol & Raymond Dellecker
Carol & Tom Derleth
Carol Baker
Carol Blaney
Carol Janson
Carol Marston
Carol Marston & Bob Brunkow
Carol McCormick
Carol Rice
Carol Rondello
Carol Spano & Ray Blank
Carol Wendt
Carole Slesnick
Caroline N. Yaude
Carolyne Milling & John Wiley
Carrie & Harvey Chute
Carrie Langille
Caryn Coscarat
Caryn Friedlander
Cassie Revell
Catherine & Bill Ouweneel
Catherine McIntyre
Catherine Wright
Cathy Belben
Cecelia Thomas & David Imburgia
Cecilia Hu
Cedarville Farm
Celedo Fund of the Whatcom Community Foundation
Cerise Noah
Chad Petersen
Chao-Yiung & Suzanne Wu
Charlene & Ken Ebert
Charlene Law
Charles & Kathleen Whitlock
Charlie & Peggy Scaief
Chelsea Jepson
Cheryl & Jerry Spicer
Cheryl Lee
Cheryl Souza & David Hafer
Chet & Sirpa Cory
Chris & Emily Sasnet
Chris & Norm Langberg
Chris Brewer
Chris Comeau & Susan Kagel
Chris Gerhold
Chris Moench & Jenny Hahn
Chris Mohnkern
Chris Richter
Chris Suczek
Chris Urquhart
Christine Michaelis
Christine & Doug Park
Chuck & Dee Robinson
Chuck Nafziger
Cindi Landreth & Rick Dubrow
Cindy & Bob Klein
Cindy Dardano
Cindy Madigan
Cindy Monger
CK Burch
Clark Parrish
Claudia & Dan Hollod
Claudia Hall
Clyde & Susan Curley
Colin Lowin
Colleen & Harvey Schwartz Colleen Coyne
Connie & William Daugherty
Connie Cogburn & Andy Day
Coral & Tom Dudek
Corina Hardin & Scott Plank
Corrinne Servais
Cory Dieterich
Cris Feringer
Curt Casey
Cynthia & John Millar
D. Kagan
Dale Anderson & Joanne Greenberg
Dale Kobylinski
Dale Rings
Dan & Jane Coombs
Dani Bates & Randy Erickson
Daniel Hovorka, D.M.D.
Daniel Kirkpatrick & Lisa Beck
Daniel Larner
Danna Zelenka
David & Jayme Curley
David & Jo Maas
David & Karen Anderson
David & Thea Kleiber
David Henry & Carol Fuglestad
David Howden
David Narsico & Pat Hawley
David Peebles
David Rabkin
David W. Croft
David Webster
David Wisner & Rochelle McMurry
Deanne & Dean Kanenaga
Deb Dean & Kelly Flannelly
Debbie & William Ruther
Deborah Benz
Deborah Dempsey
Deborah Loober
Deborah Oksenberg & Serge Lindner
Deborah Shaw
Deborra Garrett
Debra Goldman
Debra Tobiassen
Deidre & Todd Carlson
Delores Hardesty
Denise & Steve Bruce
Denise Andrade & Carsten Kroon
Denise Ranney
Denise Snyder
Dennis A. DeWitt
Dennis Howson
Dennis Waller & Kathy Kitto
Diana Harrison
Diane & Arlan Norman
Diane & Craig Konno
Diane & Vince Foster
Diane Blake
Diane Hagen
Diane Lind
Dieter Martin
Djuna & Rollin Harper
Dominique Zervas-Foley
Don & Michelle McNeal
Don Pilcher
Donald & Bernice Hardy
Donita Reams & Michael Smith
Donna & Don Starr
Donna & Frank Moreno
Donna Buehler
Donna Mason & Paul Rostetter
Donna-Lee Elke
Dorcas Hull & Ray Sadler
Doris Ferm
Dorothy & Bill Baldwin
Dorothy & Richard Smith
Dorothy & Tom Sherwood from G.M.
Dorothy Burke
Dorothy Regal
Doug & Jill Marsh
Doug & Lynn Starcher
Doug & Sandy Carpenter
Dr. Ali Erickson
Dr. Burton & Susan Jay
Dr. Clyde & Patricia Hiss
Dr. Marcia J. Vodicka
E.A. Lynam
Earl Cilley
Ed & Jackie Sentenne Pettit
Eden Alexander
Edwina & Karl Kleeman
Edwina Norton
Eileen Kelley
Eleanor M. Thompson
Eleanor Mischaikow
Electrolysis Northwest
Elga LaPine
Elizabeth & Clair Weiss
Elizabeth & Michael Hopley
Elizabeth Fergus Foundation
Elka & Myron Fink
Ellen Boyd
Ellen Whitcraft
Ellie Posel & Stephen Gockley
Ellio & Sachiko Nowak
Emil & Mary Ekman
Emily & Scott Highleyman
Emma Lynam
Eric Root
Erica & Steve Work
Erik Kremsner
Erin Moore & Ann-Marie Sather
Esther Faber
Eva Baharav
Eve Pryce
Evelyn Ames
Everett Aison & Janet Murray
Fairhaven Films
For Courtenay & Henning Gatz
For Joanne & Will Cady
Fran Owens
Francie & Kenyth Freeman
Fred & Mary Haslam
G & H Alford
Gabe Harrison
Gail & Patrick MacDonald
Gail Haines
Gary & Debbie Bornzin
Gary Nichols
Gary Schmidt
Gateway Controls, Inc.
Gayle & Walt Corbin
Gemma & Clayton Medeiros
George & Barbara Rofkar
Gil & Ginny Baker
Ginger Decker
Ginger Hawley
Giselle TenHompel & Roger Farquhar
Glen Sibley
Glenn Merrill
Gloria Lebowitz
Grace Hatt
Graham & Marian Exall
Greg & Linda Booth
Greg Stern & Naomi Rudo
Gretchen Hoyt & Ben Craft
Guy & Harriet Salts
Guy & Linda Coons
Hal Glidden
Hal Thurston & Mary Swenson
Hank VanSchelt
Hannah Sullivan & Gerry Cook
Harriet & Stephen Wender
Harriet Spanel
Harriette & Frank Wojciechowski
Harry & Liz Herdman
Hayley Price
Heather Katahdin
Heather S.
Hector Valadez
Helen & Richard Scholtz
Helen Dorn
Helen James
Helen Minari
Helen Moran
Hellie Flint
Henning Gatz
Henry & Suzanne Schwake
Henry Lagergren
Holly Harris & Jeff Boyd
Holly O’Neil
How Loud Media
Hunt Consulting LLC
Ian Thompson
In honor of Jay Blair
In lieu of holiday gifts for clients-Jeff Braimes
Ione Adams & Eric Senuty
Ira Hyman
Irene Deits
Irene Edie
Irene Rinn
Iris Kaneshige & Karl Oekerman
Iris Reynolds
Isabelle & Bill Radock
J. Scott Williams
J.T. Gardiner
Jaci Nicolai & Tom Burkland
Jack & Marybeth Campbell
Jack & Virginia Frymire
Jack Delay & Patricia Decker
Jack Weiss
Jacqueline Burnett
James K. Mishalani
James Loucky
James Metzler & Carol Lager
James Parmenter
James Syck
James Talbot & Constance Faulkner
James Tragesser
James Willson
Jan Mustain
Jan Polen
Jane & Jon Shaughnessy
Jane & Michael Herbert
Jane Clarkin
Jane Talbot & Kevin Williamson
Janet Bergstron & Mark Adriance
Janet Brynjolfsson
Janet Doescher
Janet Lightner
Janet Martinson
Janet Mumma
Janet Ott
Janet Prokopowich
Janice & Lindsey Vereen
Janice Martin & Doug Robinson
Janice Pickard
Jason Morris
Jean & John Westgate
Jean Carmean
Jean K. Cassill
Jean Melious
Jeanne & David
Jeff Purdue
Jeff & Patti Braimes
Jenn Cassie & Jason Kanov
Jennavieve Joshua
Jennifer & Kevin Dixey
Jennifer Cartwright & Pam Turner
Jennifer Weeks
Jeremiah Schwartz
Jeri J. Harris
Jeriel & Linda Snyder
Jerry & Beth Brownfield
Jill Clark
Jill Likkel & Jeremy Brown
Jillian Froebe
Jillian Gallery
Jim & Connie K.
Jim & Debby McCabe
Jim & Pam Terhorst
Jim & Peg Stewart
Jim & Veronica Douglas
Jim Bullion
Jim Hickey & Peggy Allen
Jim McLeod
Jim Milstead
Jimmy (Poppydog) G.
Jo Anne Feringer
Joan & Bruce Mackay
Joan & Marv Wayne
Joan & Michael Clare
Joan & Steve Smith
Joan Casey
Joan E. Simmons
JoAnn & Jack Bowman
JoAnn Ferrell
Joanna Lynam
Joanne & Will Cady
Jodell Chapman & Bernie Walz
Jodie & Carl Taylor
Jody Chapman
Joe & Judy Coons Community Fund of the Whatcom Community Foundation
Joe Wessels
John & Linda Hodge
John & Marilyn Gordon
John & Melissa Schapiro
John & Michelle Riggs
John & Nancy Kaye
John Blethen
John Canterbury
John Davies
John H. Binns, Jr.
John Hoyte
John Pierre
John Poggi
John Schick
John Serfozo
John Sodt
John Starr
John Whitmer
Jon Orvik
Jonathan & Cindy Franklin
Jonathan Voyce
Jonny & Margie Wilkerson
Jordan Hatzialexiou
Jorie Townsley
Joseph Lenz
Josh & Beverly Mersereau
Joyce H. Wright
Juanita Wallin
Judith Green
Judith Maxwell
Judith Teresa
Judith Woodall
Judy & Dale Cosgrove
Judy Baker & Phillipe Crozier
Judy Gamble & Todd Wood
Judy Kleinberg
Judy Perry
Judy Wayt
Julia & Karl Clauset
Julia Spencer
Julie & Rodger South
Julie A. Helling & Elizabeth L. Stewart
Julie Fleetwood
Julie Johansen & Bob Moles
Jytte Johansen
Kahleen Halowi-memory of Ken Halowi
Kai Bretherton
Karen & Chip
Karen Aronoff & George Sanders
Karen Bradley
Karen Cornelius
Karen O’Leary & Bill Abrams
Karin Elaine Gunderson
Karin Metzgen
Karl & Karen Mueller
Karl Sponberg & Barbara Quick
Kate Birr
Kate Clark
Kate Grinde & Bill Bode
Katharine S. Dalen
Kathleen & Lori AbraMorris
Kathleen & Scott McGuinness
Kathleen Cruse
Kathleen Hopkins
Kathleen Leathers
Kathleen McQuaide
Kathryn Fentress
Kathy & Bill Hasenjaeger
Kathy & Kirk Fraser
Kathy Bastow
Kathy Buck
Kathy Washatka
Kathy Webb
Katie & Steve Hinton
Katie Novak & Janiene Licciardi
Kay & Michael McCarthy
Kay Caylor & Bill Kern
Kay Sardo & Dennis Lane
Kaye Dykas
Keith D’Angelo
Keith Huntoon
Kellee Timpson
Kelly & Susan Kendall
Ken & Ariel Lennon
Ken & Francie Gass
Ken Kaliher & Mary Lee Mooney
Kendall Dodd & Rich Brown
Kent Chasson & Carolyn McCarthy
Keri Heagle
Kerry (Fishmael) Johnson
Kerry & Diana Hayes
Kevin & Patricia Leja
Kevin A Leonard
Kevin Owens
Kim Bachman
Kim Lund
Kingsley Lambert
Kirk Gulden
Kit & Susan Hanes
Klaus Wergin
Kyle Wavra
Lani & Dave
Larry & Virginia Watson
Larry Parker
Larry Pratt & Rosalie Romano
Lars Crabo & Carolyn Coughlin
Laura E. Chandler
Laura Kalpakian
Laura Leigh Brakke
Laurel & Cactus Cook
Lauren & Don Phillips
Laurie McClain
Laya Shrieberg
Lee & Mamiko Van Horn
Lee First
Leslie & Jane Debrock
Leslie Conton
Leslie Nordtvedt
Leslie Smith
Leslie Ward
Libby & Darian Whiton
Libby Garcia
Light Source Design
Linda & Andy Yurovchak
Linda & Bill Miller
Linda & Clayton
Linda & Ward Pletcher
Linda Avinger
Linda Blackwell & David Goldman
Linda Smeins
Linda Streitfeld
Lindsay MacDonald
Lisa Citron
Lisa Dailey
Lisa Papp
Lise Grace
Liz & Steve Wright
Liz Washburn
Loie Haggen
Lois & Bob Nicholl
Lois Bateson
Lon Hardey
Lora Eckert
Loraine Boland & Ray Nelson
Loretta Hogg
Lorna McGowan-Smith
Lorretta Palagi & Randall Bilof
Lowin Family
Loxi Ayers
Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms Family
Luther Allen
Lynn Givler & Keith Carpenter
Lynn Peterson
Lynn Poston
M. Lynne Pendleton
Mac & Penny Carter
Maggie & Ken Milici
Maggie Kinsella & Jim Hopper
Mahnaz Kouhgoli
Marabai Wahbe
Marcia & John Harter
Marcia & Richard Morrison
Marcia Corey & Robert Wright
Marcy Mjelde
Margaret Laidlaw & Scott Wallace
Margaret Maiefski
Margaret McGowan
Margaret Metzger
Margaret Wild
Margot & Julie Brown
Margot Clemmens & Al Sutherland
Margot Schenet
Marguerite & Allen Johnson
Marian Alexander
Marian Beddill
Marie & Jon Raney
Marie Schow & Eric Brayden
Marijke & Richard Abbott
Marilyn & Bob Monahan
Marilyn & Larry Richardson
Marilyn Grady
Marilyn Stoops
Marilyn Williams
Marjorie Leone
Marjory Craig & Lorna Conner
Mark & Laurie Prall
Mark Wicholas
Marla & Ken Bronstein
Marla Vannice
Marshal Giggleman
Martha Lopez
Mary & Dave Lippiatt
Mary Boire & Kevin Jones
Mary Doherty
Mary Dumas
Mary Jane Fraser
Mary Jensen & Fumio Otsu
Mary Kelly
Mary Passmore
Mary Patterson
Mary Penttinen-King
Mary Rossi
Mary S. Martinson
Mary Vermillion
MaryAnne MacKinnon
MaryPat & Joel Thuma
Masako & Bruce Derr
Mastor Design 6-83
Matt & Jennifer Werner
Maureen & Rick Braun
Maureen McCarthy
Maureen O’Brien
Maureen Ryan & Peter Trenham
Maureen Saunders
Mayrus Helberg
Meg Greenfield
Meg Jacobson & Dick McClenahan
Megan Artz
Melanie M.
Meredith Jarvis & Mark Conover
Merideth Goodman
Merrily & Jerry Lawson
Michael & Sue Bakse
Michael Berres & Ann Stevenson
Michael Cain
Michael Falter
Michael J. McGowan
Michael Lilliquist
Michael Palmgren
Michael Titus
Michelle Millar
Mike & Baltina
Mike & Lindsay Kershner
Mike & Shannon Flory
Mike Ford
Mike Hilty
Miriam Mirabile
Misty & Shawn Kemp
Misty Nikula & Mike Etnier
Mo West
Molly Conlee
Molly Ware
Molly Westring
Mona Perdue
Monica Aebly
Monica Carrillo & David Pringle
Morris Linett
Movie-going Margi!
Mozelle Green
Mrs. David Morse
Myra Harmer
Nancy & George Gale
Nancy Blouin
Nancy Corbin
Nancy Hart
Nancy Heiser & Patrick Morrison
Nancy Hickey & Lisa Recht
Nancy Jo Stauffer
Nancy L. Liggett
Nancy Merry
Nancy Moore
Nancy Seifert
Nancy Steele
Nancy Wopperer
Nanette & Ken Leaman
Nanette J. Davis
Nick & Mary Helene
Nicola Morrow
Nicole Pacheco
Nikola Neel
Nora Demmert
Northwest Eye Clinic – Fred & Kathy Kaiser
Omniscient Messages — Virginia Hostetter
Paige Gronhovd
Pam Englett & David Gaines
Pamela Bakke
Pamela Beason
Pamela Jull
Pat & Bud Brisbois
Pat Alesse
Pat Draper
Patricia & Larry Freeman
Patricia & Nicholas Stigliani
Patricia A. Bartz
Patricia Otto
Patricia Woodall
Patricia Yust & Jeff Popp
Patrick Dizney
Pattie Lindsay & Annie Wilce
Patty & Ken Jameson
Patty Hoyt
Paul Brower & Carol Berry
Paul Englesberg & Lucy Morse
Paul Krippner
Paula French
Peggy & Jerry Hastings
Pepper Sisters
Pete & Delia Brands
Pete Stark
Peter & Susan Burkland
Peter Gunn
Phil & Ann Damon
Phil Humphries & Cynthia St.Clair
Philip & Susan
Phyllis & Ken Weber
Pickford Fans
Pickford Film Center
Pickford Film Center Staff
Pippa Breakspear
Prentiss & Lee Cole
Preston Lamp & Wendy Mouat
Quicksilver Photo Lab
Randi Sulkin & Michael Bucove
Random Orbit Sanders
Randy & Pamel Hauff
Rebecca & Damani Johnson
Rebecca & Richard Abercrombie
Rebecca Dorcas
Rebekah Snodgrass
Red Wheelbarrow
Regina Wender
Rene LaVenture & Robert Schober
Ressie Della Rosa
Rev. Meredith Ann Murray
Reynolds Family
Rhythms of Life Wellness Studio/Kim Haustedt
Rich & Fran Perry
Richard & Chris Sanders
Richard & Elizabeth Pedersen
Richard & Evelyn Turner
Richard & Karen Clark
Richard & Marian Tobias
Richard Bayley
Richard Edwards
Richard Francis
Richard Hartung
Richard Horton
Richard Murray
Richard Sanders
Rick & Ann Kaiser
Rick Haykin
Rick Rein
Rita Saling
RMC Architects
Rob & Zynet Schmid
Robert & Dorothy Davis
Robert & Jane Sylvester
Robert Bojorquez
Robert Buchholz
Robert Hall
Robert Keller & Patricia Karlberg
Robin & Gerald Wood
Robin & Michelle Taylor
Robin Brown
Robin Leavy
Robin Richardson
Rodd & Janie Pemble
Rodger Bull
Rodolph & Alice Rowe
Roger Clark & Betsy Willson
Roger Lamb
Roger Tippy
Ron Albrecht & Paul Schmitt
Ron Cubellis
Ronald C. Sawyer
Ronald Y. G. Woo MD
Roosmiwati Reynolds
Rose & Ron Wanke
Rosemarie Miller
Rosemary Hostetler
Ross & Barbara Craigie
Ross Marquardt & Jennifer Purcell
Ruth & Denis Hayner
Ruth & Lynn Shuster
Ruth M. Flucke
Ryan & Amber Uhlhorn
Sally & Ken Robinette
Sally Albers & Alan Kemble
Samantha Raddatz
Sandy Pratt
Sandy Stork
Sara Charette
Sara St. James
Sara Todd
Sarah Flowers
Sarah Ludwigson
Saul & Shelley Weisberg
Saundra Mills
Scott & Jenny Bowefield
Scott Pelton
Scratch & Peck Feeds
Sean & Katrina Lyon
Sennett Family
Sharon & Eric Jensen
Sharon Kettells
Sharon Link & Vladimir Fitos
Sharon McCoy
Sharon Wagner
Sheila Harrison
Sheila Pfeiffer
Sheila Sondik & Paul Sarvasy
Shirley & Jim Zuanich
Shirley Jacobson
Shirley Osterhaus
Sid Williams
Sondra Rose
Stan Snapp
Stephanie Young
Stephen Fuller
Steve & Diane Hoffer
Steve & Julee Johnson
Steve & Kathy Barrett
Steve & Noel Paus
Steve & Renny Richards
Steve and Neelie Nelson
Steve Henson
Steve Sinderson
Steve Williamson
Steven Cohn
Stewart Ellison
Stowe & Nina Talbot
Sue & Bob Hynes
Sue & John Waldburger
Sue Hunt
Sue Toy
Suki Aufhauser
Sunnyland Properties LLC / Patrice Clark
Susan & Charles McGroddy
Susan & Donald Jampsa
Susan & Gary Herrick
Susan & Steve Roland
Susan Cushing & Bill Wedin
Susan Kaun
Susan Lamb
Susan M. Mishalani
Susan Marshall
Susan McKay
Susan Rutledge
Susan Simkins
Susan Wood
Susanna Schronen
Suzy & Tom
Sylvia Frangner
Sylvia Tag
T R Shimon
Tallie Jones
Tamara Tregoning & Caleb Sanders
Tara McDonald
Teresa & David Schmidt-Wiggs
Teresa & Leo Bodensteiner
Terry Oakes
The Bagelry
The Ciel Foundation
The Markets LLC
The Stone Moon
The Summit Park-Nancy Knapp &Chuck Pearman
Theresa & John Kingman
Therese Kelliher
Thomas & Kristine Grinstad
Thomas & Patricia Jones
Thomas King
Thomas Schneider & Kellie Jacobs
Threshold Documents
Tim & Janet Murphy
Tim Burnett & Janet Matinson
Timothy H. & Linda Wong Finch
Timothy J. Watters
Tina & Larry O’Connor
Toby & Joan Burnett
Todd & Kami Quessenberry
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