20th Anniversary

It’s the best of the best! The tip of the tops! Pickford Film Center turns 20 in 2018, and we’re bringing back some of the greatest films in Pickford history.

We ran tons of reports, surveyed our staff and board, formed a committee and culled down our list of over 10,000 titles that we had played over the years into a short list of 100. Some of the films are the top grossing titles of all time, bringing crowds of thousands through our doors. Some were titles that didn’t cause much stir during their release but have grown a following over the years and are now cemented in Pickford history.

Once the list was created we asked the public to sponsor a film, and by making a donation to the Pickford’s 20th Anniversary fund the sponsors chose their top film from the shortlist, and here we go. A trip down memory lane all every other Monday at Pickford Film Center.

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