The Queens’ Vernacular

Queens Vernacular

A new monthly queer film series at Pickford Film Center, curated by Greg Youmans and Chris Vargas. Each month features work by a different independent, experimental queer filmmaker. Many installments are free and feature special guests – Speak with fiercely independent filmmakers after the films! This series is on hold for the summer, stay tuned for more info about the fall lineup.

Edward II

In this new restoration of the iconic New Queer Cinema classic, Derek Jarman offers a postmodern, activist, and freely anachronistic take on Christopher Marlowe’s Elizabethan drama. Pleasure-seeking King Edward II sets the stage for a palace revolt by taking as a lover the ambitious Piers Gaveston, who uses his favor in bed to wield political influence. The landmark film features an incredible performance from Jarman muse and Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton as Edward's spurned Queen Isabella, as well as a rare...
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Chavela is the captivating look at the unconventional life of beloved performer Chavela Vargas, whose passionate renditions of Mexican popular music and triumphant return to the stage late in life brought her international fame. Born in Costa Rica in 1919, Chavela Vargas ran away to Mexico City as a teenager to sing in the streets. By the 1950s, she became a household name in her adopted country, delivering her performances with a raw passion and unique voice. Just as influential...
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In the aftermath of Stonewall, a newly politicized Vito Russo found his voice as a gay activist and critic of LGBT representation in the media. He went on to write "The Celluloid Closet," the first book to critique Hollywood's portrayals of gays on screen. During the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, Vito became a passionate advocate for justice via the newly formed ACT UP, before his death in 1990....
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