24 Hours in the CHOP

dir. Tajuan LaBee, 2020 
NR, 47 min, UK, in English

Following protests in the name of George Floyd and the countless numbers of Black and Indigenous people murdered by police, the Seattle Police Department abandoned their East Precinct station on Capitol Hill. On June 8, 2020 a radical society known as Capitol Hill Occupied Protest occupied the area until its reclamation on July 1. Documentarian, activist, and longtime Seattle resident Tajuan LaBee takes a handheld camera through the CHOP sharing his commentary and first-hand accounts of the protests leading up to the occupation. Interviews with organizers, volunteers, and protestors, give inside perspective on what the protest meant to those involved. With so much misinformation in mainstream media, this film is an important, historic, and candid study of this unprecedented and exciting movement.