Ai Weiwei: Yours Truly

dir. Cheryl Haines, and Gina Leibrecht, 2019 
NR, 76 min, USA, in English | Mandarin | Arabic with English subtitles.

While no stranger to documentaries, artist and humanitarian Ai Weiwei’s appearance here, while still under house arrest in China, is a personal one. Your’s Truly looks into his early life as he works on a new installation with Alcatraz. One aspect of the work: two-way written communication, as thousands of visitors write 90,000 messages of hope to imprisoned activists via post-cards. Many of those imprisoned write back, creating a profound sense of human connection. The exhibit—and the film—urges viewers to consider the issue of global human rights, while subtly illustrating Ai Weiwei’s genius in making house arrest a period of rich engagement.

TICKETS: $10.00    CCAP available


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