Pickford Film Center welcomes and cultivates community partnerships. We are happy to entertain ideas from local nonprofits, schools and clubs that advance our mission to act as a forum and resource for independent film and strengthen our community through education. That said, it is also important for PFC to stay true to its responsibilities to filmmakers and distributors who provide us with abundant programming 365 days a year. We do not screen bootlegs or unauthorized copies.

If your organization would like to pursue a partnership, make a suggestion for an unscheduled film, explore hosting or providing speakers for an already scheduled event, please follow these guidelines. We prefer to work with a single spokesperson from your group. No phone calls please.

Do you know of a film that your organization would like to co-present at PFC?

Please leave at least three months for initial contact, previewing, conversation, scheduling, promotion, and the play date. PFC has a complicated program schedule and it is difficult to add special events on short notice. Please contact Lindsey Gerhard, Marketing Manager to introduce yourself and your idea.

Please understand that your suggestion might not work for a number of reasons: lack of distribution; scheduling restrictions; an out of date film or one that has enjoyed a previous run at PFC cinemas; licensing cost; quality or content issues that compromise PFC or community standards; or issues obtaining rights.


Do you have a brilliant connection to a film that you see on our schedule?

A single representative from your staff or board should contact us with as much notice as possible. Lindsey Gerhard, Marketing Manager to introduce yourself and your idea.


Do you just want to connect?

If you would like to make an organization-to-organization connection without anything specific in mind, we are pleased to meet you so that in the future we can contact you with information about a film that might fit for a partnership. It is unrealistic to expect PFC staff to do “homework” on your behalf but we are eager to make connections and wait for a choice opportunity. In addition, we offer monthly and annual sponsorship opportunities that show the support of local business and highlight fellow nonprofits. Contact Lindsey Gerhard, Marketing Manager


Are you planning a film festival?

Please contact us at minimum nine months in advance if you are hatching plans for a festival and would like PFC to be a venue. To fit a block of programming into our packed schedule requires a lot of planning. Be prepared with a statement of purpose, written budget, and a program plan. Our existing financial responsibilities do not allow us to donate the use of our cinemas. Contact Susie Purves, Executive Director


Group Screenings

For educational institutions and community organizations seeking to bring a group to see one of our currently running films, a special screening at a time more convenient for your group can be requested. For these screenings the group must include a minimum of 25 people in attendance. If you wish to bring a group of 10 or more to a regularly scheduled screening, you may qualify for a group discount. Please contact us in advance to make arrangements.