Pickford Film Center is expanding K-12 education initiatives by continuing to create new programs that serve our community, and build a new audience of future filmgoers. We are grateful for the generosity of individuals and foundations, whose support makes these programs possible.


In October 2014 in conjunction with our annual Doctober film festival, Pickford Film Center started Doc-ED, a program which now provides the entire Bellingham public middle school population (2,400 students) with educational documentary film screenings at no cost to their schools or guardians.

Media Literacy

In the Fall of 2015, Media Literacy courses were added to our docket of educational programming, and were made available to 240 middle schoolers. Media Literacy, by definition, gives our students the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media, giving them the tools to understand and interpret the hundreds of media messages that bombard them daily. Media literacy workshops are now available to classes of all grades as
well as parent, teacher, and community groups.

Guerilla Film Project

The Guerilla Film Project, a popular three-day film-making competition for high school students has been offered every year over President’s Day Weekend for the last 11 years.

Film Festivals and Series

PFC hosts the Bellingham Children’s Film Festival in March, which features family-friendly films as well as special school screenings, related art projects and an ice cream social. PFC also offers special screenings of National Theatre Live and Shakespeare’s Globe On Screen plays to high school and university classes, and the cinema is available to schools for field trip rentals year-round.

For additional information about educational programming, please contact Education Outreach Coordinator, Lucas Holtgeerts.

Landfill Harmonic Class Trip

“Media Literacy Comes to Bellingham”, Media-inc.com

Thank you to those who supported PFC’s Education Fund in 2016:

Lead Contributors
Mary Redman
Hafer Family Foundation
Robert H Fergus Foundation
Whatcom Community Foundation
Humanities Washington
Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Karen Christensen and Christopher Paterson
Diane and Bob Trunker

Marijke and Richard Abbott
Susan Albert and Peter Bressers
Luther Allen
Peggy Allen and Jim Hickey
Ryan and Angela Anderson
Caron Ann and Jim Simmonds
Sandy and Daniel Austin
Loxie Ayers
Kim and Jim Bachman
Val and Art Baddorf
Robin Bailey
Sally and Robert Baird
Louise Balonick
Steve and Kathleen Barrett
Patricia Bartz
Kathy Bastow
Lynn and Fred Berman
Kelly Bertroch
George Bertschler
Drew and Mike Betz
Nancy and Jim Bjerke
Loraine Boland
Jan Bonzon
JoAnn and Jack Bowman
Jeanne Brovold and Rob Richey
Margot and Julie Brown
Jerry and Beth Brownfield
Ariel Brownstein and Bo Carrillo
Bruton & Schellberg
Janet Brynjolfsson
Peter and Susan Burkland
Pat Burman
Lynda Byrd and Linda Clark
Marybeth and John Campbell
Sandy and Douglas Carpenter
Tom and Karen Carson
Jean Cassill
Susan Chase-Foster and Robert Dodd
Barry Christensen and Kris Merritt
William and Sue Ciao
Earl Cilley and Anita Aparicio
Jean and Adam Paul Ciochon
Karen and Dick Clark
Julia and Karl Clauset
Janice Claussen
Gennie Clawson
Charles and Donna Collier
Carol and Dennis Comeau
Gayle and Walt Corbin
Mary Corcoran
Thomas Cornwall and Gail Kirgis
Susan Costanzo and Sean Kirk
Ross and Barbara Craigie
Shirley and William Crocker
Sallie and Dennis Cymbalski
Cindy and Mike d’Angelo
Paul Davallou and Susan Miller
Dave Sound
Robert and Dorothy Davis
Patricia Decker and Jack Delay
Richard DeWaard
Dawn Dietrich
Karen Duddlesten
Jyoti Duwadi and Barbara Matilsky
Jeff Eastman
Pam Englett and David Gaines
Ali Erickson
Dudley and Dean Evenson
Michael and Judy Evitts
Esther Faber
Ferndale Massage Clinic
Diana and Ross Fewing
Julia and Bill Findley
Myron and Elka Fink
Marcia Ford
Barbara Francis and Ina O’Donnell
Sherry Gallant
Becky Galvin
Judy Gamble and Todd Wood
Deborra Garrett
Dianne and Edward Gerhard
Christine Gibbs and Duane Jager
Gloria Gietl
Deborah Gilbert
Michael Gillis
Marilyn Glenn and Steve Tatham
Gay Goodenough
Diana Goodman
Marilyn Gorsuch
Phyllis Graham
Georgia Gregor
Don and Linda Griffiths
James Hansen and Maggi Kriger
Sherrie Hansen
Bob Harrington and Betsy Rocks
Nancy Hart and Bill Apt
Beth Hawthorne
Elsie Heinrick
Nancy Hickey and Lisa Recht
Ruth Higgins and Al Krause
Mike Hilty
Susan Holland and Tony Ickes
Judy and Dave Hopkinson
Elizabeth and Michael Hopley
Richard Horton and MayMay Gong
Karen Hulford
Philip Humphries and Cynthia St Clair
Hunt Consulting LLC
Sue Hunt and Byron Richards
Bonnie Hurtig and Bill van Hees
Kathleen Hutchins
John and Donna Inglis
Dana and Rand Jack
Ellen Jacobs
Donn and Alicia Jamtaas
Sue Jefferts
Mary Jensen and Fumio Otsu
Carol Jimeno and Casey Garland
Samir Jiries and Merilee Stewart
Jo McDowell
Julee and Steve Johnson
Kerry Johnson and Judy Perry
Sara Johnston
AnnMarie Jordan and Peg Murray
Ann and Rick Kaiser
Bill Keese
Lorne Kenyon and Wanda Maddox
Jean Kershner
Maggie Kinsella and Jim Hopper
Daniel Kirkpatrick and Lisa Beck
Cindy and Bob Klein
Vonda Krear
Milt and Judy Krieger
Laurel and Tom Kunesh
Barbara Lancaster
Daniel and Pandora Larner
Larry and Bonnie Larson
Barry Lee and Patti Thomas
Jean Lehman
Linda Lehn and David Mauro
Marcia Leister and Johannes Janson
Susan and Bill Lewis
Life Aesthetic Center
Emily Linder
Dave and Mary Lippiatt
Mary Loquvam and Bob Pscovitz
Ann Love and Jay Paul
Sarah Ludwigson
Barb and Greg Lykke
Susan and Robert Lynch
Dave and Emma Jo Maas
Cindy Madigan and Therese Kelliher
Ross Marquardt and Jennifer Purcell
David Marshak
Mark and Elisabeth Marshall
Dieter Martin
Sharon Mattioli
Edward Mayer
Lisa and Rob McArdle
Carolyn McCarthy and Kent Chasson
Susan McDermott
Amy and Phelps McIlvaine
Elaine and Mike McRory
Diane and Dennis Meade
Donna and Helmut Meisl
Josh and Bev Mersereau
Barry and Debby Meyers
Marjie Miller
Scott Miller and Ann Boochever
Susan and James Mishalani
Eric and Karen Mittet
Mary Mooney and Ken Kaliher
Sharon and Steve Morris
Jackie and John Mumma
Janet Murray and Everett Aison
Susan Ness
Lois and Bob Nicholl
Dave and Dot Nichols
Rick and Stephanie Nylander
Old Town Café
Judy and Jim Orvik
Janet Ott
Christine and Doug Park
Gwen Parker
Mary and Pat Patterson
Heather Pavlosky
Joyce and John Pedlow
Christine Perkins
Sandra Peterson
Tricia Peterson
Mary Lou Phillips and Richard Thomas
Laurel Piper
Joanne and Victor Plucy
Ellen Posel and Stephen Gockley
Lynn Poston
L Pratt & R Romano
BJ and Steve Pratum
Jeff and Seiko Purdue
Cynthia and John Purdy
Susie Purves
David Rabkin and Maureen McCarthy
Peggy Ratermann
Laura Rath
Patricia Rathbun
Linda Reed and Rick Romito
Geraldine and Christoph Reitz
Roosmiwati Reynolds
Sally and Ken Robinette
Chuck and Dee Robinson
George and Barbara Rofkar
Sallie Roth
Margot Schenet
Rick and Lisa Schessler
Timothy Schettino
Colleen and Harvey Schwartz
Scotty Browns
Scratch & Peck Feeds
Nancy and Tim Selby
Phyllis Shacter
Warren Sheay
Becca and Eric Shew
ME Shields & R Olson
Gordon Shriver
Ruth Shuster
Jamie and Scott Simmons
Donald and Eugenie Simpson
Beth Sizer
Amy Slonim
Bruce Smith and Tracie Lamb
Sheila Sondik and Paul Sarvasy
Sara St. James
Miriam Stahl
Alexandra and John Starr
Donna and Don Starr
Ann & Daniel Stewart
Patricia and Nicholas Stigliani
J.B. Stiglitz
Leslie Sweeney
James Talbot and Constance Faulkner
Nina and Stowe Talbot
Kathy Tate
Threshold Documents
Wilma Totten
Tamara Tregoning and Caleb Sanders
Trunek Family Trust
Diane and Bob Trunek
UBS Financial Services
Shawna Unger
Unity Care
Lee and Mamiko Van Horn
Kristin and Hank VanSchelt
Seraida Vazquez
Katy Velasquez
Janice and Lindsey Vereen
Ashley Von Kroghenfuller
Michael Wallace
Leslie Ward
Greg and Kathleen Weatherby
Meg and Scott Weber
Charles and Pamela Weil
John and Kathy Whitmer
Lorraine Wilde
Bethany Williamson
James and Becky Willson
Kerri Wilmoth
Beth Wilson and Richard Donnelly
Hillary Woelkers and Robert Jacobsen
Shelley and Jay Wolfman
Roger and Jennifer Woods
Stuart and Marie Wyatt
Leonard and Cherie Yarberry
John Yearsley and Sandra Berner
Patricia Yust and Jeff Popp
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