Every fall, Pickford Film Center plays host to thousands of middle school students in a one-of- a-kind educational event: Doc-ED. Through donations and grants, PFC is able to welcome Whatcom County middle schoolers to enjoy a new documentary with tickets, transportation, and popcorn all taken care of.

In conjunction with our annual Doctober festival, Doc-ED is open to every public and tribal middle school in Whatcom County during the months of October and November. Students are invited to screen new educational documentaries at the Pickford at no cost to the school. Through fundraising and donations, PFC covers the cost of tickets, transportation and popcorn for over 4,000 students in Whatcom County. Doc-ED film selections consist of age appropriate documentaries featuring the arts, sciences, and young people in cultures around the world.

For more information about Doc-ED, contact Lesley Schroeder: lesley@pickfordfilmcenter.org





Zero Gravity intimately follows a diverse group of middle-school students from San Jose, CA, who compete in a nationwide tournament to code satellites aboard the International Space Station. Seen primarily through the wondrous eyes of three young innovators and their first-time coach, they each take an intimate and personal journey to space as their team grows from amateur coders to representing California in the ISS Finals Tournament — the culmination of a summer-long adventure that sees their incredible accomplishment performed by astronauts in orbit.



Featuring six films about contemporary Native American culture.

Salmon People Gathering in Celilo Falls

Salmon People from all over the Northwest speak to salmon restoration and history.

Guardians of the River

Indigenous leaders share why removing four dams to restore a healthy Klamath River is critical for clean water, food sovereignty and justice.

One Word Sawalmem

Michael “Pom” Preston is a member of the Winnemem Wintu tribe and the son of the current tribal chief, Caleen Sisk. He grew up going to his tribe’s sacred places and has been dancing in the Winnemem way since he was four years old. He and his people protect sacred sites along the McCloud River, which have been under threat of inundation from the Shasta Dam raise effort by the US Bureau of Reclamation.


In 1872, French explorer Alphonse Pinart visited the island of Kodiak, Alaska. He returned with a beaded Alutiiq headdress, where it remained in France for nearly 150 years. It has now returned to Alutiiq where a group of Alutiiq beaders work together to make a copy as they restore lost traditions.

Long Line of Ladies

A girl, her family and her whole community prepare for her Ihuk, the coming of age ceremony of the Karuk tribe of Northern California.

Nalujuk Night |  VIEW TRAILER

An up close look at an exhilarating, and sometimes terrifying, Labrador Inuit tradition. Every January 6th from the dark of the Nunatsiavut night, the Nalujuit appear on the sea ice. They walk on two legs, yet their faces are animalistic, skeletal, and otherworldly. Snow crunches underfoot as they approach their destination: the Inuit community of Nain. Nalujuk Night is a beloved annual event, showing that sometimes it can be fun to be scared. Rarely witnessed outside of Nunatsiavut, this annual event is an exciting chance for Inuit, young and old, to prove their courage and come together as a community to celebrate culture and tradition.


Two docs about extraordinary young people going the extra mile(s).

Breaking Trail  |  VIEW TRAILER

As Midwesterners huddled safely in their homes to avoid the frigid chill of a Wisconsin winter and the devastating trauma of a world-wide pandemic, Emily Ford set out on a long walk with a borrowed sled dog named Diggins. Well acquainted with the hazardous weather of the upper Midwest, this professional gardener from Duluth, Minnesota aimed to traverse the length of the Ice Age National Scenic Hiking Trail (IAT), a distance of more than 1,200 miles through some of the coldest temperatures in recorded history.

Rural Runners

A film about finding purpose and common ground in rural America as Chloe Maxmin makes a bid to be the youngest woman in the Maine house of representatives and her campaign manager, champion long-distance runner Canyon Woodward bring hope, humor and humanity back to politics.

Thank you to WECU for awarding Pickford Film Center an Education First Grant to support Doc-ED in 2022 and 2023!