Estate Planning Seminar

Hosted by Jessica Aurelia Carr and Erin Mae Glass, Barron Smith Daugert PLLC


6/22 – Session 1

Estate Planning with the Goal of Simplicity

– Wills vs. Trusts

– Probate Basics

– Planning for minor children: Use of trusts and nominating a Guardian

– Beneficiary Designations and Retirement Accounts

– Transfer on Death Deeds

****Additional topics if time permits:

– Strategic use of specific bequests, beneficiary designations, percentage and metered bequests

– When to consider professional fiduciaries and co-personal representatives

– Communication with nominees and beneficiaries

6/24 – Session 2

Health Care and End of Life Planning


– Discussion of health care directives and powers of attorney

– Guardianship and informed consent/health care privacy laws

– Substituted judgment, pain management, obtaining health care information, addressing a terminal condition

– Questions to consider: What does quality of life mean to me?  How much detail/direction to include?

– VSED, Death with Dignity

– Communication with nominees and family members

Erin Mae Glass

is an estate planning, elder law and adoption attorney. Erin designs estate plans for high net worth individuals as well as more modest estates, believing every person deserves to have an estate plan that is shaped by their own set of unique circumstances, whatever those may be. Erin is especially dedicated to ensuring that her client’s end of life wishes are thoughtfully considered and documented so that their values can be honored at the end of life. Additionally, Erin prepares special needs trusts to assist families as they navigate the often complex legal and financial issues that are raised when a loved one has a cognitive or physical impairment. Erin advises clients on the myriad of issues encountered regarding access to public benefits, particularly long-term care Medicaid and veterans’ benefits planning. Many times, these issues require the appointment of a guardian, as well as trust creation and administration. Erin is a frequent speaker on these and other issues.

Jessica Aurelia Carr

is an estate planning, probate and trust, and elder law attorney. Jessica provides compassionate, respectful counsel with an emphasis on clear and accessible explanations of legal issues that put clients at ease.

Joining Barron Smith Daugert in 2018, Jessica enjoys working with individuals and families, building long-term client relationships, and serving the community both in and outside of her practice. She believes in the power of estate planning for peace of mind and ensuring dignity in times of crisis.

Before joining the firm, Jessica practiced at a boutique trusts and estates law firm and later managed her own law practice in Seattle. She also authored and collaborated on numerous publications in diverse fields including law, policy, and organizational evaluation. For example, Jessica co-authored the 2012 Washington State Bar Association Membership Study.