Dear Bellingham,

I am sorry to convey sad news. The Limelight Cinema, Pickford Film Center’s little storefront cinema on Cornwall Street will not be reopening. The space is just too tiny to work as a movie theater in a post-pandemic world.

Daylight Properties, the owners of the building that houses the Limelight have been tremendous supporters over the years and we thank Bob and Kane Hall and their crew for being good landlords, donors and stewards of downtown Bellingham. I hope that we can team up with them again when we search for a more appropriate space in the future, once the coast is clear.

The PFC flagship at 1318 Bay Street is ready and waiting for the go-ahead to reopen. The ventilation system has been upgraded and plans for keeping the audience safe have been worked out. The rest is up to science and our fellow citizens. And many thanks to the steadfast PFC membership. Your support is keeping the flagship afloat.

If this were the olden-days, we would have a big party to commemorate the Limey. But we can’t and will have to raise a glass to our little old cinema in absentia. Hooray for the Limelight and hallelujah for independent film, for filmmakers and for community.

And hooray for Doctober!

If you want to stay engaged with PFC as we wait for the future to arrive, check out our online Doctober lineup when it goes live this Saturday. This year there are shorts as well as features and some interesting opportunities to watch films for free. There will even be concessions available for you to purchase and take home. Plus, you can still take part in the Doctober challenge. Keep your eyes peeled for more news in the coming days.

Thanks for your support,

Susie Purves
Executive Director