Love, Antosha

Playing at Limelight Cinema

92 minutes, USA, In English, Documentary
Rated R: (for language, some sexual content and nudity)

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Presented by Film Is Truth 24 Times a Second

Love, Antosha tells the story of Anton Yelchin’s creative persistence. His devoted Russian parents nurtured his love of acting, exposing him to works of the masters. Often the youngest actor on set, Yelchin’s intense focus inspired many actors around him. Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pine, and John Cho share revealing insights into his character. Though he kept it a secret, Yelchin lived with a dangerous health condition, but he never became discouraged. As he grew into his craft, he continually enriched his understanding of the world, embodying an incredible authenticity.

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Saturday, September 28th


Sunday, September 29th