Made in Hong Kong

Playing at Pickford Film Center

109 minutes, Hong Kong, In Cantonese, Drama
Rated NR: _

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Final film in the Made in Hong Kong series, curated by Sean Gilman:

Made in Hong Kong, the film (Fruit Chan, 1997)

“Shot on a shoestring budget with non-professional actors, Fruit Chan’s acclaimed breakthrough was one of the first great post-Handover films. Recapturing the spirit of the Hong Kong New Wave, Chan follows a trio of teenaged misfits as they try to navigate a world of crime, poverty, abuse, and inadequate health care, haunted as much by the ghost of a mysterious girl as they are the lost ideals of Hong Kong and its cinema. Made in Hong Kong set a new model for independent production in Hong Kong, filmmaking outside the constraints of the old studios or Mainland censors.” ~Sean Gilman

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Monday, August 8th