dir. Anca Damian, 2020
NR, 90 min, France / Romania, in French with English subtitles 

This poetic and touching film from director Anca Damian follows an optimistic stray dog named Marona as she looks back on the human companions she has loved throughout her life. Delivered alongside dazzlingly colorful, sweeping designs produced in part by acclaimed artist Brecht Evens, Marona’s Fantastic Tale is a life-affirming story told with the patient, boundless love of a dog, and reminds us that happiness is a small thing.

“Anthropomorphized talking animal films tend to apply human characteristics to dogs or cats or the wild kingdom. Marona’s Fantastic Tale is a decidedly different beast — it imagines the titular female dog at the end of her life and looking back on her three different homes, the joy of finding new ‘owners’, the heartbreak of leaving them. It’s beguiling and beautifully animated in a unique collage-style and while one reviewer likened it to a Terrence Malick version of an animated pet movie, it moves along and if it provides a challenge for younger viewers to follow (or to discuss serious themes, like death) it is ultimately a challenge very much worth taking. ” — Michael Falter, Program Director

“Eye-tickling in its design, occasionally tear-jerking in its execution, Marona feels vibrant and upbeat even in moments of melancholy — like diving into an artistic child’s sketchbook and watching the illustrations splash to life all around.” —Variety

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