Notes From The Program Director | Week of March 31st, 2023

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Notes From The Program Director

Week of March 31st, 2023

Melissa Tamminga

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Hello, friends!

This week, we’re happily hanging on to the sublime tear-jerker The Quiet Girl for a few more days and the superb Turn Every Page for two final weekend shows, but we also have a veritable smorgasbord of other films on the menu!  Women Talkingreturns -- previously, we had to let it go too soon and it’s a joy to have the Oscar-winning film back for one last well-deserved victory lap; The Whale, too, with Brendan Fraser’s heartfelt and Oscar-winning performance, has finally made it to our screens; Guillermo del Toro’s gloriously inventive and beautifully rendered Oscar-winning animated film Pinocchio is where it belongs on the big screen and promises to delight kids of all ages over Whatcom County’s public school spring break; and we have two newly released films beginning their theatrical runs with us: One Fine Morning and Smoking Causes Coughing.

Finally, while I am sad to see our Tanaka series go, I am delighted to say that the next entry in our Cinema East series is none other than a double feature from master filmmaker Johnnie To: the Hong Kong blockbuster Heroic Trio and its sequel, Executioners. Janus, our distributor for the films, describes Heroic Trioappropriately irresistibly:

“The supernova star power of Hong Kong cinema icons Maggie Cheung, Michelle Yeoh, and Anita Mui propels this gloriously unrestrained action extravaganza from genre maestro Johnnie To, which injects its martial-arts mayhem with a blast of comic-book lunacy. They are the knife-throwing, shotgun-toting, kung-fu-fighting super-heroines who must overcome their dark pasts in order to defeat an evil, baby-snatching eunuch who is terrorizing Hong Kong. Eye-popping motorcycle stunts, brain-exploding skeletons, infant cannibals, and kinetically choreographed wire work are all part of the delirium in this unstoppably entertaining cult favorite, a kick-butt showcase for three of the coolest women warriors to ever hit the screen.”

We’ve left Women’s History Month behind, but who says we can’t go on to celebrate “three of the coolest women warriors ever to hit the screen”? Join us on Tuesday evening, April 4, 6:00 and 8:10 for a double-punch of a film program you won’t want to miss!

 See you at the movies, friends! 


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