Notes From The Program Director | Week of November 3rd, 2023

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Notes From The Program Director

Week of November 3rd, 2023

Melissa Tamminga

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Finally, I’ll have more to say about this film next week, when it opens for its full run, but I could not be more excited that we’ll have Alexander Payne’s new film, The Holdovers, this fall season, and while many of you were lucky enough to catch the Early Access screening last week, we’ve also got a preview this week for those who want to be among the first to see it: Thursday, Nov. 9, 8:30 pm.  I knew, immediately, when I saw The Holdovers at the Toronto Film Fest that it would be a “Pickford film”: it’s sparkling and hilarious; it’s wry but warm-hearted; it’s sharp without being mean-spirited; its characters are rich and lovable but never saccharine; and there’s nobody like Paul Giamatti for delivering the most beautifully witty bits of dialogue in the most natural way possible. An instant holiday classic. 

See you at the movies, friends! 


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