Kid Flicks One

Recommended ages: 5+
Program runtime: 58 min.

In English, no dialogue, or with brief English subtitles

Tickets $10 General, $8 Members


NYICFF Kid Flicks One keeps the dynamic of work and play lively with these tales and more from around the globe. Cat Lake City has you covered if you, like its loveable feline, feel like you just can’t catch a break in this hilarious tale of a hard-won vacay. But if you’re fortunate, you know that effort and fun can happily co-exist as they do in the short doc The Magic of Chess. Finally, meet another hard-worker who gets a little lost dawdling in the countryside in the beautifully hand-animated Boriya


Dreamer, dawdler, adventurer, Bori tries her best on a day in the countryside, but with everyone occupied during farming season, she just may get off track.

Cat Lake City

Konigiri-Kun: Butterfly

My Brother Luca


The Magic of Chess

Wash Day