Computer Chess: Science on Screen

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  • 92 minutes, USA, In English, Comedy
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Sunday, April 21st


Computer Chess: Science on Screen

Science on Screen. Tickets are only $3!

Beginning with a presentation by Scott Burger, senior data scientist at Tableau Software in Seattle and the author of the book Intro to Machine Learning with R: Rigorous Mathematical Analysis. In his talk, Scott will give a brief background of the history of computer chess engines, their rise to power, and what it means for the future of humanity. Do the top-tier engines like AlphaZero and Leela forecast a bleak robot-dominated dystopian future? Come listen and enjoy some history of one of history’s greatest games!

Followed by Andrew Bujalski’s Computer Chess, a film set in the early 1980s about young computer geniuses taking part in a tournament to see who can create a program that will enable a computer to beat a human player at chess.

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