Queen of Hearts: Audrey Flack

Tickets $10

dir. Deborah Shaffer, Rachel Reichman | 2019 | NR | 75 min

USA | in English 

Presented by CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival

One of the most popular films at this year’s CASCADIA International Women’s Film Fest returns to Bellingham screens for a Doctober encore. Feminist, rebel, mother, painter, sculptor and teacher, Audrey Flack reveals her longtime struggle to find her rightful place in the art world in this intimate portrait of her life and work. One of the first women to be included in Janson’s History of Art, she is known for her unique photorealism style. Still experimenting at 88 years-old, Queen reveals Flack taking a new direction and shares her life as a mother of a child with autism, communicating something deep and genuine to the world.

Watch the discussion with the filmmakers Deborah Shaffer and Rachel Reichman recorded at this years CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival: