Since I've Been Down

Since I Been Down

dir. Gilda Sheppard, 2020
NR, 105min, USA, in English

Presented by: Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival

Long-time Washingtonians well remember the days when Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood was plagued by gang activity and drive-by shootings. Since I Been Down expertly dissects the genesis of the triple-whammy of crack cocaine, the California gang invasion, and mandatory minimum sentencing that combined to incarcerate a generation of teenagers without the opportunity for rehabilitation or education. Mostly incarcerated as children, the now middle-aged prisoners have created their own unique educational programs, mentored each other and built a community of healing and advocacy beyond prison walls. But the criminal justice system still has them rolling snake eyes as they try to overcome the injustice of being labeled ’Super Predators’ decades ago.

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