Susie’s Kanopy Recommendations for Teens

Kanopy is well-curated and doesn’t underestimate the intelligence or good taste of the viewer and its selections are wide-ranging. If you have antsy pre-teens and teenagers that you are trying to keep engaged, Kanopy has some incredible titles, including those listed here.


As PFC begins preparations for Doctober 2020, we look back on the last five years’ favorites from Doctober programmers Michael Falter and Jane Julian. 

Mikayla’s Cozy Romantic Comedy Canon

Mikayla, PFC’s Education Outreach Manager, offers her picks for the best cozy romantic comedies to curl up with while we’re stuck inside.

Elizabeth’s films on Human Nature

Elizabeth Prouty, PFC Projectionist, lists her films on human nature, perceptions & assumptions, and how our psychology interacts with our bodies and environments.

That’s Showbiz!

Darcy, the Pickford’s Marketing and Development Assistant, walks us through the advent of musicals in the Great Depression era.


Megan’s Non-Family Friendly Movies About Family

Megan Sokol, PFC Intern, lists three non-family-friendly films about family—or family around the world.

These films spread across multiple genres but all revolve around the story of a family and the craziness surrounding them. My inspiration behind this genre stems from my own homesickness and current detachment from family because of the pandemic. If anyone else is in the same situation where you can’t physically be near family, then these movies are for you (good or bad). These films explore the complexities of trauma, joy, and history within family and the mysteries behind a person’s love. You can also watch some of these movies with family, but be warned that some are pretty graphic or are not kid-friendly.

Steve’s Sci Fi Picks (Apocalypse Edition)

Steve Meyers, PFC’s longest-serving projectionist, lists his picks of apocalyptic sci-fi.


Michael Barone, PFC’s Assistant Operations Manager, lists his picks for modern musicals.