Support Pickford Film Center’s ongoing operations with a gift during COVID-19 closure

Please give generously to support Pickford Film Center so our organization can stay viable as we all move forward towards reopening gradually and safely. There has been a PPP loan and some grants but the secret sauce for keeping the Pickford’s head above water during COVID closure has been the unwavering support of our members and donors. Donations fund ongoing expenses and staff salaries associated with programming virtual cinema offerings and preparing to reopen.

As an acknowledgement of their special role, PFC donors are listed in our annual report and on our website.


Make a One Time Gift

Help us reach our campaign goals with a one time donation!

Make a Monthly Pledge Gift

Gifts of $150 and up can now be pledged over 12 months!
  • Use “Make a Gift” button
  • Select a gift level of $150 or more
  • Click “Make a 12 Month Pledge”

Donate Stock

Just forward this information to your financial advisor:

  • Receiving Institution Account Number: PLR-001519
  • Account Title/Registration: Pickford Film Center
  • Contact Name at Charitable Organization: Susie Purves
  • Telephone Number: 360-647-1300
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 2521, Bellingham, WA 98227
  • Name of Receiving Institution: Saturna Capital Corporation
  • DTC Number of Receiving Institution (“delivery instructions”): 0443
  • You or your financial advisor should email susie@pickfordfilmcenter.org to notify us when your donation has been made

Donate your Required Minimum Distribution

When you make a qualified charitable distribution directly from your IRA, you are supporting the Pickford while meeting your annual distribution threshold. Talk with your financial advisor about making a gift before year-end!

Requirements for taking advantage of this tax-free giving opportunity:

  • You must be 70 1/2 or older on the day of the gift.
  • You may transfer up to $100,000 from your IRA to one or more qualified charities.
  • You decline goods and services of value.

Your Charitable IRA Rollover gift is not subject to income tax and counts towards your required minimum distribution for the year. If helpful, please feel free to use this template to communicate with your account custodian.

  • Have your financial institution make the check payable to Pickford Film Center, and send to PO Box 2521 Bellingham, WA 98227
  • Payment must come directly from your financial institution in order to avoid taxation
  • Your name and mailing address should be included with payment
  • If you have questions or would like to designate your gift to a specific fund, contact ariel@pickfordfilmcenter.org


A big thank you to everyone who donated to our 2020 Spring Appeal.

Our winter appeal runs through Dec. 31st — so add your name to the list of 2020 supporters!

Marijke and Richard Abbott
Anne and Michael Abrams
Cathy Adams
Kate Adriance-Enxer
Richard and Katie Adriance-Exner
Joan and Michael Airoldi
Susan Albert and Peter Bressers
Ron Albrecht and Paul Schmitt
Patricia and Charles Alexander
Claudia Allan
Peggy Allen and Jim Hickey
Francie Allen
Theresa and Scott Allen
Katherine Allen
Clarissa Allen and Zack Hewell
Kevin and Genia Allen-Schmid
Mark Allyn
Ellen and Alan Alquist
Diana Ambauen-Meade and Dennis Meade
Pat Ambrose
Evelyn Ames
Minda Rae Amiran
Margaret Anaya
Terry Anderson and Kay Schellberg
Angela and Ryan Anderson
Joel Anderson
Karen Anderson
Andy Anderson
Beth Anderson
Debra Anderson-Frey and John Frey
Kayla Andres
Bill Angel
Angela Arave
Danae Armstrong and Will Brune
Peter Arneil and Sharmon Figenshaw
Shermand and Judy Arnold
Diane Arvin and Brock Blatter
James Asa and Peggy Ratermann
Teresa Ascencio and William Hall
Tony and Lee Ashe
Chris and Bill Attebery
Suki Aufhauser
Loxie Ayers
Gail and Ken Azinger
Kim and Jim Bachman
Kathleen Bahr and Hugh Brawford
Matt Bain and Emily Derenne
Sally and Robert Baird
Dan and Devon Bakke
Annette and Randy Balcom
Raymond Ballweg
Kathleen Bander and William Mirand
Betty Barats
Charles Barder and Lillian Canada
Peg Barga
Robin Barker
Lorraine Barker
Thuy and Mark Barnett
Blayne Barnhart and Heidi Beierle
Donna Baron and Phil McRee
Maria and Bruce Barone
Laura and Corey Barrett
Susie Barry
Bruce and Barbara Bartee
Martha Bartlett
Sandy Bartorillo
Patricia Bartz
Kathy Bastow
Linda and Ron Battle
Jody Bauer and Erik Stewart
Stacey Baunton
Don and Irma Bauthues
Bay City Supply/ Scott Wolff
Elisabeth Bays
Carolyn and Steve Bea
Don and Lesli Beasley
Lenita Beasley
Mary Kay Becker and William Johnston
Carol Bee
Andy and Cathy Beecham
Jessica Beers and Jake Schlueter
Christina Beirith and David Ward
Mac and Dena Bell
Jeff Bell
Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival
Susan Bennerstrom and David Scherrer
Ben Benschneider and Betty Udesen
Randall Benson and Christine Magnussen
Deborah Benz
Colleen Berg
Michael Berres and Ann Stevenson
Doug Bestle and Alyson Batchelder-Bestle
Drew and Mike Betz
Elizabeth Binney
Sarah Birch and Zachary Scott
Jeanie Birchall
Bonnie and Charles Bird
Cathy and Steve Blackburn
Emily Blackburn
Robert Blackstad and Patricia Godfrey
Diane Blake and Meg Bader-Hoopman
Carol Blaney and Ron Blokker
Lisa and John Blum
Jane and Scott Blume
Dianne Bochsler
Mary Boire and Kevin Jones
Kathy Boland
Loraine Boland
Jerry and Pat Boles
Rosemary Bolster
Jeanne Boni and Richard Henderson
Jan Bonzon
Diane Boteler
Lorraine Bourcier and Elsie Stone
Brian and Heather Bowe
Scott and Jenny Bowefield
Jeffrey Bower and Vivian Little
JoAnn Bowman
Carol Brach
Diana Brackett
Lori Bradford and Ellen McCauley
Susan Bradley
Jackie Braverman and Jack Kintner
Martin Bray and Scott Henderson
Pippa Breakspear
Timothy Brinson and James Rice II
Laura Brodax
Walter Brodie and Linda Versage
Terry and Jane Brooks
Debbie Brosten
Jodi Broughton
Jeanne Brovold and Rob Richey
Margot and Julie Brown
Kim Brown
Beth Brownfield
Shelley and David Bruce
Denise and Steven Bruce
Kurt and Julie Brunhaver
Rebecca and Don Brunk
Michael Brunt
Bob Bruntil and Karen Tracy
Janine Bruton and Brad Boland
John and Sandi Bruton
Karen-Margrethe Bruun and Larry Jelsing
Loree and Jerry Bryan
Judy Bryngelson
Janet Brynjolfsson
Tim and Connie Buckley
Therese and Roger Bull
Rebecca and Andy Bunn
Gini Bunnell
Barbara and Jim Burgess
Philip Buri and Darcie Donegan
Dorothy Burke
Tom Burkland and Jacqueline Nicolai
Peter and Susan Burkland
Jeanne Burt
Joyce and Terry Busch
Donald Butterfield and Joan Long
Bob Butterfield and Mimi Freshley
Kyle Byler
Ann Cabre
Joanne and Will Cady
Jane Cahill
Glo Calderhead
Yolanda Calderon
Judy Calhoun and Peter Stark
Emily and Bill Callaghan
Susan Callahan
Heather Cameron and Mike Sieczka
Erin Campbell
Jean and Steve Carmean
Sandy and Douglas Carpenter
Tom and Karen Carson
Terry and Mary Ellen Carter
Carin Carter and Richard Tubury
Melinda Casey
Jenn Cassie and Jason Kanov
Jean Cassill
Desiree Casson-Wald and Joe Wald
Helena Chaikin
Frances Chalmers and Gail Smith
Laura E. Chandler and Cary Stevens
Devyani Chandran and Samit Bordoloi
Coleen and Dave Chase
Sherry Chavers
Claire and Chris Chesson
Barry Christensen and Kris Merritt
Emily Citron
Karen Clark
Thurid Clark
Alice Clark
Sarah Clarke and Dave Koshinz
Jane Clarkin
Bruce Clawson
Genevieve Clawson
Linda Cline and Jim Carr
Betsy Cline and Tom Collins
Christine Coder and Patrick Gallery
Steven and Carol Cohn
Mary Cole and Ed Penfield
Prentiss and Leora Cole
Carolina Coleman
Charles and Donna Collier
Janet and Rick Congdon
Janis and Andy Conn
Patricia Conover
Megan Cooley
Glen Cooper and Christine Larsen
Nancy Corbin
Mary Corcoran
Marcia Corey and Robert Wright
Haley Corkern and Jesse Cockern
Chester Cory and Sirpa Salminen
Judy Cosgrove
Karen Coughlin
MaryJo Coulter
Mary Coulthurst Glaze and Dan Glaze
Kevin Covey and Sarah Spotts
Colleen Coyne and Jenny Lecture
Ross and Barbara Craigie
Tom Crawford
Christopher Creelman and Adelaide Chute
Barbara and Scot Crews
Betty and Glen Cribbs
Virginia Crothers
June Crump
Kathleen Cruse
Susan and Clyde Curley
Kathryn and Jerry Curtis
Becky and Larry Curtis
Ken and Valerie Dalena
Phil and Ann Damon
Jennifer Dannenberg
Elizabeth and Paul Darrow
Ray and Chelle Davidson
Don and Denna Davidson
John Davis
Felice Davis
Larry and Carolyn Davis
John Davis and Jan Jung
Pamela and Eric Davis
Donna Day
Ashley and Michael Dean
Jane and Leslie DeBrock
Anne Marie Decollibus and Mark Mackiewicz
Ryan and Brianna Delker
Nora Demmert
Shellie and John Desmond

John and Judith Dewing
Karen Dickinson
Kendall Dodd and Rich Brown
Pat Doering
Lisa Domico
Jamie Donaldson
Charlotte Doolittle
Veronica Douglas and James Douglas,Jr
Casey Dreier and Melissa Rice
Kurt Duey
Nancy Duncan and David Huss
Brian Dunphy and Dallas Hooke
Jonathan Dymond
Chris Eder
Richard Edwards
Eugene and Helen Egan
John and Laurie Egbert
Lucy and Richard Eggerth
Claudia Eilers
Andrea and Rod Elin
Lori and Jeffrey Eller
Jennifer Elliott
Cheryl and Steve Ellison
Becky Elmendorf
Christy and Steven Emory
Paul Englesberg and Lucy Morse
Kathleen English and Gregory Blonden
Fred Eningowuk
Charles and Sara Epton
Mary and Jeff Ernst
Marian and Graham Exall
Heather Farren
Margaret Fast and Bertil Van Boer
Beverly Faxon and Doug Mills
Julie Fegel
Janis Fensch
Kathryn Fentress and Jim McCann
Randall Ferguson
Cris Feringer
Barbara Ferris
Sarah Ferris and Ty Blouin
Linda Finch
Tony and Elizabeth Finfrock
Kim and Mike Finger
Elka Fink
Nicole Finley
Sandra Finney and Ed Bouverat
Karen Finney
Robert Fisher
Sharon Fisher and Dennis Bailey
Robert and Darlene Flack
Jean and Scott Fleenor
Julie Fleetwood Binns and John Binns
Teresa Flodin
Bill and Sandy Fly
Maureen and Michael Fohn
Jeanne Fondrie and Kate Miller
John Forgette
Virginia Foster
Heather and Evan Freedman
John and Mariko Fries
Kitty and Gerald Friesen
Sandy Fugami
Ashley Fullenwider and Matt Krogh
Todd Fuller and Dorcie Wellman
Beth Fuller and Frank Mitchell
Joan Gaasland-Smith and Steve Smith
Lisa Gadin
Robert Gage
Ruby Gardner
Deborra Garrett
Francie and Ken Gass
Edward and Dianne Gerhard
Barbara Gilday and Andrea Rackl
Gordon Gillespie
Martha Gillham and John Holroyd
James Gillies and Barbara Rombold-Gillies
Michael Gillis
Jessica Gillis
Susan Given-Seymour
Pam Glaze
Leslie Glen and Blanche Bybee
Marilyn Glenn and Steve Tatham
Margie Goetz and Doug Cole
Merideth Goodman
Ann and Lee Gorsuch
Bonnie and David Goss
Leslie Grace and Jeremiah Schwartz
Steve Graham and Ebba Krarup
Phyllis Graham
Michelle Grandy and Craig Stephens
Christine and Louis Green
Mozelle Green
Lisa and Brian Gresham
Ross and Sharon Grier
Agnes and Adam Griffen
Steve and Christine Griffin
Brian and Marya Griffin
Tom and Kris Grinstad
Harry Grinstad and Carol Garrison
Cathy Grinstead and Jim Nelson
Lee Grochmal
Leslie and Michael Guelker-Cone
Kevin Guinn
Karin Gunderson
Gina Gustafson
Julianna Guy
Susan Hagan
Vaughn Hagen
Diane Hagen
Martha Hagen
Loie Haggen
Bob Hall
Marta Hand
HandDancer/ Kathleen Buckner Morris
Carol Hansen
Daisy Hansen
James Hansen and Maggi Kriger
Robby Hanson
Susan Hanson
Deborah Hanuscin and Matt Mower
Lon and Becky Hardey
Corina and Scott Hardin
Bob Harrington and Betsy Rocks
Leslie and Jamie Harrington
Cindy and Martyn Harris
Allison and Edward Harris
Mary Harris and Bill Bragg
Nancy Hart and Bill Apt
Vale Hartley and James Tragesser
Emm Harvey
Peggy and Jerry Hastings
Randy and Pamela Hauff
Christine and Frank Haulgren
Joan Hawley
Beth Hawthorne
Jan Hayes
Patricia Hayes
Margaret Hayes and Peter Tryon
Marion Heath
Allen and Alleen Heck
Elsie Heinrick
Nancy Heller
David Helm and Cindy Stentz
Mary and Hunter Henderlite
Margaret and John Henderson
Linda Henderson and Ernest Scherb
Glenda Henifin and Bill Clark
Stephen and Laura Henkel
Ann and Tom Herbert
Brian and Catherine Herring
Ronald Herzog
Karen and Tom Heyneman
Anne Hietbrink
Emily Highleyman
Sara Hill and Rod Burton
Ford Hill
Murray Hill
Mike Hilty
Amber Hixson and Andrew Richardson
Pam and Howard Hobart
Susan Hodges and Jere Montague
Glynn Hoener and Scott Schuttner
Susan Holland and Tony Ickes
Terry Holland
Karen and Jim Hollingsworth
Dan and Claudia Hollod
Geoffrey Holmes and Jerlyn Caba
James Honeman and Warren Osborn
Jennifer Hoover and Curtis Thomsen
June Hopkins
Kathleen Hopkins
Paula Horn
Susan Horst and Greg Dutton
Richard Horton and May May Gong
Ellen Howard
Richard Howland and Eric Sun
Patty Hoyt and Gary Nichols
Vicki and Scrub Hubner
Connolly Huddleston
Paul and Linda Hughes
Eric and Kim Hughes
Randy Hulce
Darcie Hull
Carol and Frank Hunt
Sue Hunt and Byron Richards
Krista Hunter and Lori Polevoi
Bonnie Hurtig and Bill Van Hees
Sue and Bob Hynes
Gary Ingram and Sally Ledgerwood
Doris Irons
Alicia and Donn Jamtaas
Susan Jay
Cara Jaye and Jason Hetrick
Sue Jefferts and Amy Bitzer
Corie Jensen
Mary Jensen and Fumio Otsu
Margaret and Christopher Jerome
Olivia Jewell
Jytte Johansen
Sheila Johansen and Nettie Post
Marguerite and Allen Johnson
Richard and Kate Johnson
Sheryl Johnson
Kerry Johnson and Judy Perry
Wendy and Chris Johnson
Joann and Dave Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Talitha Jones and Michael Bajuk
Alyssa Jones
Barbara and Michael Jones
Evan Jones
John and Kim Jongeward
Bonnie and Michael Jordan
Pamela and Burrell Jull
Anne Jurgensen and Todd Guelich
Fred and Ann Kaiser
Patricia Karlberg
Hank Kastner and Karen Kucker
Michael Kelberer
Betty Kellow
Jim and Connie Kelly
Misty and Shawn Kemp
Libby Kemp
Mark Kennedy and Margaret Kassner
Ellen Kennelly and Charlie Hamlin
Julia Kerl
Jean Kershner
David Kershner
Cam Kerst
Phyllis and Marziah Kiehn
Jane Kimura and Stephen Grosenenheider
Matt Kindred
Barbara and Tobey King
Theresa and John Kingman
Gail Kirgis and Thomas Cornwall
Jenessa and Scott Kirk
Daniel Kirkpatrick and Lisa Beck

Michael Kirshenbaum
Vicki Klees
Paul and Becky Klein
Raven Klingele
Arie Knops
Gail and Joost Knops
Linda Knudsen McAusland
Michael and Karen Knutson
Christina Kobdish
Joel and Patricia Krakauer
Silvia and Richard Kramer
Vonda Krear
Richard and Linda Krebs
Pam and Stan Kreft
Victor and Laura Kritz
Suzanne Krogh
Kathleen Kuba
Jeanne Kuban and Charlie Kyle
Larry and Lauren Kwiatkowski
Clifford LaBounty
Andrew Lahmann
Palmer Lamb and Ben Lehman
Barbara Lancaster
Susan Laney
Leslie Langdon and Jim Hildt
Marc Lansden and Kathy Buck
Elga LaPine
Barbara Larson
John Laspina and Barbara Sardarov
Dave and Claudia Laster
Sandra Laughland and William Wilcox
Nancy and Steve Lawrence
Linda Lawson and Galen Biery
Amy and Tom Lawson
Katherine and Mark Lazich
Bette and Chris Leal
Michelle Ledeen and Luke Shifflette
Cheryl Lee
Carole Lefcourte
Miranda LeonJones
Karen Lerner and John Moffat
Kristee LeTavec
Dorthe Leth and Ralph Weiche
Kathleen and Carlos Levalle
Susan and Bill Lewis
Christi and Doug Lewis
Floyd Lewis and Kathryn Schetzer
Arleen and Max Lewis
Li Li and Robert Grumbine
Clayton and Adria Libolt
William and Kathryn Liddicoet
Monica Liebert
Jasmin Liepa and Lonnie Schang
Nancy Liggett
Diane Lind
Dunja Lingwood and David Jackson
Kurt Linscheid
Dave and Mary Lippiatt
Sandy Little
Su Livingston and John Hinkle
Lynne Lohr
Janet Long
Randy and Linda Longerich
Erik Lookabill and Sonja Max
Miriam Lowin and Richard Beckenbaugh
Carol Lucero and Ryan Ferris
Sarah Ludwigson
Cindy Luke and Mark Sumearll
Greg and Barb Lykke
David and Tisch Lynch
William Lynch
Melanie Lyons
Laura MacKenzie and Wayne Gerner
Douglas MacQuarrie
Murray and Stephanie MacTavish
Cindy Madigan and Therese Kelliher
Sandra Madison
Elizabeth Madsen and Fred James
Catherine and Al Major
Margo Malone
Craig Mancuso
Robert Manke
Harriet Markell
Val Markus and Craig Serbousek
Ross Marquardt and Jennifer Purcell
Kay Marsh
Jill and Doug Marsh
Mark and Elisabeth Marshall
Kim and Jerry Marsicek
Ingrid and Greg Martens
Dieter Martin
Janice Martin and Doug Robinson
Donna Mason and Paul Rosetter
John Mastalski
Julie Mathews
Sharon Mattioli
Judith Maxwell
Vermont and Donna McAllister
Nancy and Sumner Mcallister
Paula McCandlis
Linda and Chuck McCarthy
Carol McCormick
Terence and Renee McCulley
Kate McDonald
Jerry and Judith McDonnell
Leslie Mcfee
Amy McFeely
Ronald McGee and Denise Ringhand
Michael McGowan and Bette Kish
Amy McGregor and Brooke Waaga
Kathleen and Scott McGuinness
Beth McGuire
Bruce McHale and Beth Dewitt
Amy and Phelps McIlvaine
Catherine McIntyre
Randy and Jenny McIntyre
Karen McKay and Ted Wolf
Darlene McLeod
Jim McLeod
Nicole Mcleod
Stephen McMillan and Kai Bretherton
Gretchen McNabb
Kathleen McQuaide and Kirk Gulden
Valerie McWhorter and Dean Altschuler
Deacon Meier and Kim Freier
Susan and John Melvin
Michele Menzies
Angela Mercy and Nick Waslenko
Denise Merrifield
Judith Messenger
Denise and John Meyer
Christine Michaelis
Vince and Joyce Mihalovich
Brock and Cathy Miller
Marjie Miller
Linda and Roger Miller
Andrew Miller
Laurence Miller and Yolanda Conaham
Darlene Millican
Carolyne Milling and John Wiley
Martha Mills
Stephanie Mills
Eric and Karen Mittet
Laura Mixon
Susan Moen
Chris Moench and Jennifer Hahn
Meredith Moench
Richard Mollette
Manuel Montano
Scott Moore
Lisa Moore
Gary Moore and Nicole Torres
Peter Moore and Rachel DeWilde
Maggie Moore
Clayton Morgan
Lane Morgan and Ron Shrigley
Sharon Morris
Jeanne Morris
Marcia and Richard Morrison
Kacey Morrow and Mark Henry
Stephen and Marla Morrow
Susan Morse and Wayne Given
Christine Morton
Wendy Mouat and Preston Lamp
Vicky and Zoey Moyle
R.L. and PA Muehlhausen
Kit Muehlman and Nils Larsen
Karl and Karen Mueller
Judith Mullenix
Duncan Munro
Ellyn Murphy and Dave Hostetler
Tim and Janet Murphy
Sarah and Yancy Murphy-Kangas
Janet Murray and Everett Aison
Jan Mustain
Charles Nafziger and Jillian Emerson
David Narsico
Jane Nash and Karin Hartin
Trish Navarre
Nancy Neil and Harry Osborn
Ray Nelson and Loa Semrau
Lindsay Nelson and Dmitry Sidorov
Linda Nestor
David Netboy and Marian Alexander
Margaret and Crystal Neva
Steven Newmark and Lynette Felber
Lois and Bob Nicholl
Stevie Nichols
Diane Norman
Elliott and Sachiko Nowak
Rick and Stephanie Nylander
Maureen O’Brien
Erin O’Moore
Maggie O’Reilly and Scott Brown
Chris Ohana
Conor OKeefe
Martha Fuller
Mimi and Victor Ortiz
Judy and Jim Orvik
Jean Osborn
Shirley Osterhaus and James Loucky
Kim and Jeff Packer
Cindy Paffumi
Roseanna Page
Sandra Palm
Lydia Pan
Joni Papp and Douglas Drake
Laura Parker
Randal Parker
Brigitte and John Parra
Mary and Martin Passmore
David Pater and Gayle Garbush
Don and Wendy Paton
Kathryn Patrick
Diane Patterson
Mark Peck
Erin and Stephanie Pedack
Constance Pemble
Lynne Pendleton
Jeff and Mary Pernick
Rich and Fran Perry
Tricia Peterson
Sheila Pfeiffer
Chris Phillips and Margaret Mamolen
Lauren and Don Phillips
Jan Pickard and Anne Harvey
Virginia Pieters
Becky Pillai
Julia Pillar-Schaefer and Paul Schaefer
Stuart Plotnick and Laura Shelton
Charlotte Pollard
Sandra Portz
Ellen Posel and Stephen Gockley
Frances Posel
Lynn Poston
Susan Potter and Brent Mallinckrodt
Amber and Jacob Pouley
Denise Powell
Chris and Wendy Powell
Sandra Pratt
Steve and BJ Pratum
Nanci Price Scoular and Andrew Scoular

Jeff and Seiko Purdue
Susie Purves
David Rabkin and Maureen McCarthy
Emma Radosevich
Bruce Radtke
Dave and Barb Ralston
Anna Rankin
Linda Read and Rick Romito
Donita Reams and Michael Smith
Marguerite Reitz
Connie and Mat Reitzug
Maryann Renzi and Thomas Piasecki
Carol and Jeff Reppun
Cassie Revell
Robin Reynolds and Howard Lusk
Roosmiwati Reynolds
Rosalind and Jed Reynolds
Alan and Susan Rhodes
Sheila Rhodes
Lane and Karen Richards
Garland Richmond and Richard Stattelman
Christine Richter
Marsha and Bob Riek
Margen Riley
Diane Riley
Kate Riordan
Scott and Christy Rittenhouse
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Harry Roberts
Allison and David Roberts
Pat Robertson
Sally and Ken Robinette
Eli Robinson
Kristie Roeth
George and Barbara Rofkar
Jocelyn Roger
Jane Rogers
Stephen and Susan Roland
Sondra Rose
Trish Rose and Julie Roth
Martha Rose
Lance Rosen
Laurie Rotecki
Jim and Sally Rothwell
Marci Rubin and Larry Harrigan
Nancy and Jerome Rudy
Sharon Russell
Bonnie and Tom Russo
Michael and Barbara Ryan
Alisa Sachs and Marc Geisler
Debra Salazar and Michelle Moulds
Guy and Harriet Salts
Scott and Melana Sandeno
Richard and Chris Sanders
Wende Sanderson and Jere LaFollette
Taous Sawyer
Carole Scanes and Scott Minkler
Grace Schackel
Susan and John Schene
Margot Schenet
Christopher and Alison Schepper
Timothy Schettino
Elizabeth Schilling
Ruth Schipper
Mark and Erin Schlichting
Jennifer and Craig Schouten
Tom Schreiber and Laurie Caskey-Schreiber
Miriam and Greg Schwartz
Jean Scribner
Lee Seaman
Kevin Seebeck
Nancy and Ted Seifert
Beth and Herb Seils
Nancy and Tim Selby
Mary and Rick Sepler
Peter and Chris Seyl
Pat and Jim Shea
Warren Sheay
Catherine Sheldon and Rebecca Hale
Marguerite and Don Shepherd
Becca and Eric Shew
Alice and Jay Shilhanek
TR Shimon
Hana Shishkarev
Suzanne Shull and Tim Davenport
Ruth Shuster
Chris Siano
Howard Siegel
Kristin and Matt Siemion
Alice Sigurdson
Lillis and Rod Silbernagel
Barbara Silverman
Susan Simkins
Carol and Jim Simmonds
Gretchen Simmons
Janet Simpson
Beth Sizer
Lin Skavdahl and Steffany Raynes
Karen and William Slodysko
Amy Slonim
Jane Small
Janet Small
Cathy Smith
Beverly Smith
Theresa Smith
Kenneth Smith
Bruce Smith and Tracie Lamb
Richard and Kristine Smith
Aaron and Karen Solowski
Sheila Sondik and Paul Sarvasy
Linda Sorensen
Cheryl Souza
Sheryl Sparling
Marybeth Spector
Michael Spinale
Shelley Squires
Mark Stahl and Sandy Major
Oral Staman
Cathy Stanko and Dave Reeves
David Stanley and Debra LaBounty
Doug and Lynn Starcher
Sandie and Jack Starr
Donna and Don Starr
Diane Staves
Richard and Nancy Steele
Lori Stelter
Megan Stephenson
Pauline Sterin
Rosemary and Frank Stetzer
Pat Stevenson
Peggy and Jim Stewart
Daniel and Ann Stewart
Thomas and Lori Stieve
Patricia and Nicholas Stigliani
Naomi and Stephen Stimson
David and Selena Storey
Brett Straka
Darol Streib and Ingrid Tostrup
Sidney and Debra Strong
Randi Sulkin and Michael Bucove
Ann Suloway and Tim Baker
Karen and Steve Swan
Leslie Sweeney
Mike and Joyce Sweeney
Gregory Sweet
Chris Swoboda
Jane Talbot and Kevin Williamson
Marybeth and Warren Taranow
Dan Taylor and Michelle Ballou
Angela and Rich Taylor
Al Teter
Jason Tetlow and Liz Grant
Niki Thane
Don and Anna Theobald
Elizabeth Thies
Louise Thomas
Patti Thomas and Barry Lee
Lee Thomas
Erica Thompson
Teresa Thornberg
Linda and Edward Tiesse
Mike Titus
Michael and Michele Tomlinson
Wilma Totten
Carol Totten and John Carpenter
Neal Trevorrow and Karen Gospodinovich
Jim and Carolyn Troutman
Diane and Bob Trunek
Thomas Tubbs
Judith and David Tucker
Linda Tudico and Susan Srnec
Peter and Kathleen Turner
Tyson Twiford
Bruce Underwood
Hector Valadez
Rick and Julia Valenti
Don Van Nostrand
Andrea Vance and Julie Marletto
Bruce Veale
Katy Velasquez
Janice and Lindsey Vereen
Mary Vermillion
Kathleen Vielhaber
Marty Villa-Lovoz
Dave and Karen Vogt
Kyle Wagoner
Jean and William Waight
Randy and Sue Walcott
Linda Wallace
Judy Walston
Jenny Warwick
Liz Washburn
Chris and Heidi Wassan
Donna and John Watson
Elsie Wattson Lamb and Freya Reiss
Joan and Marv Wayne
Judy and Ed Wayt
Greg and Kathleen Weatherby
Michael Weaver and Monica Woelfel
Catherine Webb
Sue Webster and Tom Chapin
William Wedin and Susan Cushing
Jennifer Weeks and Mary Westring
Annette Weeks
Claudia Weintraub
Jamie and Megan Weir
Annie Welch
Klaus Wergin
Jenny Westbury and Charlie Lane
Suzanne and Michael Whalen
The Angel Fund of Whatcom Community Foundation
Renee and Peter Wheeler
Bobbette Whetsell and Hildy Helgeson
Heather Whitaker
Rock and Patty White
Amy Whiting and Warren Rosenthal
John and Kathy Whitmer
Philip Whitson and Susan Hyndman
RL Widmann
Sylvia and John Williams
Michael Williams
Carla Williams
Linda and Shelia Williamson
Thomas Wilmore and Linda Magee
Kay Wilson
Beth Wilson and Richard Donnelly
Sherri Winans
Thomas and Patricia Winkler
Terry Wissler and Peter Brigham
Susan Witter
Linda Wolf
Colleen Wolfisberg
Christine Woodward
Rosemary and Sam Wright
Ying and Suzanne Wu
John Yearsley and Sandra Berner
Greg Youmans and Chris Vargas
Bill Young and Jenny Maida-Young
Robert and Carolyn Young
Rhonda Younker
Joseph and Joan Zdenek