Support Pickford Film Center’s ongoing operations with a gift during COVID-19 closure

Please give generously to support Pickford Film Center so our organization can stay viable as we all move forward towards reopening gradually and safely. There has been a PPP loan and some grants but the secret sauce for keeping the Pickford’s head above water during COVID closure has been the unwavering support of our members and donors. Donations fund ongoing expenses and staff salaries associated with programming virtual cinema offerings and preparing to reopen.

As an acknowledgement of their special role, PFC donors are listed in our annual report and on our website.


Make a One Time Gift

Help us reach our campaign goals with a one time donation!

Make a Monthly Pledge Gift

Gifts of $150 and up can now be pledged over 12 months!
  • Use “Make a Gift” button
  • Select a gift level of $150 or more
  • Click “Make a 12 Month Pledge”

Donate Stock

Just forward this information to your financial advisor:

  • Receiving Institution Account Number: PLR-001519
  • Account Title/Registration: Pickford Film Center
  • Contact Name at Charitable Organization: Susie Purves
  • Telephone Number: 360-647-1300
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 2521, Bellingham, WA 98227
  • Name of Receiving Institution: Saturna Capital Corporation
  • DTC Number of Receiving Institution (“delivery instructions”): 0443
  • You or your financial advisor should email susie@pickfordfilmcenter.org to notify us when your donation has been made

Donate your Required Minimum Distribution

When you make a qualified charitable distribution directly from your IRA, you are supporting the Pickford while meeting your annual distribution threshold. Talk with your financial advisor about making a gift before year-end!

Requirements for taking advantage of this tax-free giving opportunity:

  • You must be 70 1/2 or older on the day of the gift.
  • You may transfer up to $100,000 from your IRA to one or more qualified charities.
  • You decline goods and services of value.

Your Charitable IRA Rollover gift is not subject to income tax and counts towards your required minimum distribution for the year. If helpful, please feel free to use this template to communicate with your account custodian.

  • Have your financial institution make the check payable to Pickford Film Center, and send to PO Box 2521 Bellingham, WA 98227
  • Payment must come directly from your financial institution in order to avoid taxation
  • Your name and mailing address should be included with payment
  • If you have questions or would like to designate your gift to a specific fund, contact ariel@pickfordfilmcenter.org


A big thank you to everyone who donated to our 2020 Winter Appeal!


Jean Andresen
Thuy Barnett
Dorothy Burke
Glen Cooper
Karen Desko
Corwin Fergus
Elizabeth Hastorf
Anne Hietbrink
Frances Posel
David Syre
Shawna Unger


Patricia Bartz
Christi DeCuir
Christine Gibbs
Lisa Gresham
Leslie Guelker-Cone
Jim Hopper
John Inglis
Betty Kahn
Melinda Lunsford
Lee Thomas
Tamara Tregoning
Katy Velasquez


Carol Arvin
Elisabeth Bays
Kyle Byler
Kay Caylor
Kent Chasson
William Ciao
Carol Comeau
Beverly Faxon
Karen Heyneman
Mike Hilty
Ann Lev
Dieter Martin
David Nemens
David Netboy
Brian Orlick
Judith Pine
Jim Rothwell
Alan Stein


Susan Albert
Ellen Alquist
Minda Rae Amiran
Laura Backer
Kathleen Bahr
Dan Bakke
Peg Barga
Doug Bestle
Teresa Bodensteiner
Gini Bunnell
Barbara Burgess
Tom Burkland
Jean Burroughs
Sandy Carpenter
Desiree Casson-Wald
Diane Chopot
Connie Cogburn
Raquel Coleman
Nancy Corbin
Susan Costanzo
Linda Cummings


Wendy Czopp
Casey Dreier
Shala Erlich
Marian Exall
Lilium Forest
Cindy Franklin
Ashley Fullenwider
Robert Gage
Marilyn Glenn
Emily Goodin
Phyllis Graham
Wendy Hammes
Elsie Heinrick
Kathleen Hopkins
Carol Hunt
Mark Kennedy
Jane Kimura
Cindy Klein
Judith Kleinberg
Christina Kobdish
Robert Koch
Richard Krebs
Milt Krieger
Barry Landau
Linda Lawson
Dave Lippiatt
Donna Loken
Erik Lookabill
Sarah Ludwigson
Amy Mann
Dana Mattson
Tom McCalla
Beth McGuire
Catherine McIntyre
Paula Meckel
Barry Meyers
Scott Miller
William Miller
Chris Mohnkern
Howard Muhlberg
Joan O’Connell
Peggy Parker
Sheila Pfeiffer


Lauren Phillips
Virginia Pieters
Stuart Plotnick
David Rabkin
Dave Ralston
Karen Richards
Jennifer Rick
Eli Robinson
Patrick Roulet
Ronald Sawyer
Don Sayegh
Margot Schenet
Michelle Schraeder
Nancy Seifert
Nancy Selby
Catherine Sheldon
Ruth Shuster
Cathy Smith
Sandie Starr
Diane Staves
Richard Steele
Rosemary Stetzer
J Steward
Daniel Stewart
Peggy Stewart
Shellea Swan
Gregory Sweet
James Syck
Jane Talbot
Brien Thane
Linda Tiesse
Linda Tiesse
Carletta Vanderbilt
Mary Vermillion
Dave Vogt
Joan Wayne
Jack Weiss
Heather Whitaker
Marilyn Williams
Sylvia Williams
Doris Wunsch
John Yearsley
Bell Yung


+ 319 individual community members who made contributions in amounts under $100!