The Mountain Runners

Playing at Pickford Film Center

90 minutes, USA, In English, Documentary
Rated NR: _

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Featuring an in-theatre Q+A with local filmmakers Brian Young & Todd Warger.

The Mountain Runners is the story of America’s first mountain endurance/adventure foot race, which took place in Bellingham. First run in 1911, the grueling 28 to 32 mile race to the glacial summit of Mount Baker and back utilized steam trains and modified model T autos and lasted only three years due to its intrepid dangers. Told in a docudrama style, the film incorporates historic images, archival film, visual effects, and dramatizations starring William B. Davis (X-Files, Smoking man.) The film is narrated by Kevin Tighe (Lost, Emergency, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) and is supported by a cast of Cascadian historians, descendants of race participants and world-renowned experts in their field.

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Thursday, May 26th