The Story of Film: A New Generation

Playing at Pickford Film Center

160 minutes, Ireland, In English, DOC-Arts & Entertainment
Rated NR: _

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dir. Mark Cousins, 160 min.
In 2011, writer Mark Cousins was known for a TV series adapted from his book, Scene-by-Scene. We were not prepared for the overwhelming tour-de-force that was original The Story of Film: An Odyssey. The 15-part series (shown in two-hour chunks at PFC) was a revelation and cinema buffs were sent scrambling in all directions to find some of the treasure Mark unearthed. Happily, he has provided a continuation covering the last decade, which covers dramatic changes in technology and even the ways Covid has altered the process of making movies. Beguiling, and a big-screen must.

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Friday, September 30th


Friday, October 28th