The Thief Collector

Playing at Pickford Film Center

93 minutes, USA, In English, Documentary
Rated NR: _

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Directed by Allison Otto

Co-presented by Eartha Kitty’s Estate Sales

This hugely entertaining film, which has great fun using re-enactments, details one of the most audacious and puzzling art thefts of a generation: in 1985, Willem de Kooning’s seminal work, Woman Ochre, was sliced from its frame and stolen from the walls of an Arizona art museum, disappearing into the desert. More than thirty years later, the now-valued $160 million dollar painting was rediscovered in the unlikeliest of places: behind a door in a house in Silver CIty, New Mexico. Come and meet the Alters, a couple like you’ve not met before.

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Friday, October 7th


Thursday, October 13th