The Velvet Queen

Playing at Pickford Film Center

92 minutes, France, TIbet, In French w/ english subtitles, Documentary
Rated NR: _

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Directed by: Marie Amiguet

Program Director’s Notes: Amiguet’s work is previously as a DP and that shows here in the stunning beauty of her directorial debut. The film follows wildlife photographer Vincent Munier and his novelist friend, Sylvain Tesson, who is along for the journey, as they camp out, in the Tibetan highlands, documenting animal life they see along the way and hoping against hope to spot the extremely rare and shy snow leopard. While the anticipation of seeing the leopard is the film’s main, beautifully-wrought tension, it also builds our sense of seeing the natural world in a new way. I watched the screener with my family, and there was sheer joy as we spotted each new creature. Our frequent exclamations throughout the film went something like this: “Look!” “Where?” “There, there!” “Where is it, where is it?” “That’s soo cool”–all of us entering into the happy discovery that the men in the film themselves were doing.

White= Open, Gray= Buffer Seat, Purple= Occupied

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Friday, January 21st
(Showtimes TBD)