Opens Friday, October 16

This is Not a Movie

dir. Yung Chang, 2020
NR, 106 min, Canada and Germany, in English, and Arabic with English subtitles

Chinese-Canadian Yung Chang, director of PFC favorite Up the Yangtze, dives into the career of Robert Fisk, legendary British foreign correspondent and war reporter. Often respected, at times despised, Fisk is a bold truth-teller, aiming to share the point of view of suffering victims despite political enemies he makes in the process. Holding more British and International journalism awards than any other foreign correspondent, Fisk worked for The Times and then The Independent, where he continues to write. Chang follows Fisk on the ground in war-torn Syria and walled-off settlements in Israel, combines it with archival footage of the events Fisk covered, and gives us all important history lessons in the process.

BONUS: Join in a free online Q+A on Oct 21 at 10am (PST), with Musician, Activist and Author Henry Rollins (Black Flag, Rollins Band), Best Selling Author and Correspondent Robert Fisk (The Great War for Civilization), and Filmmaker Yung Chang (Up The Yangtze) – hosted by KimStim. RSVP for the live Q&A HERE or tune into KimStim’s FB page on Oct 21 after 5pm.