Treaty Day Film Festival: block 1

Playing at Pickford Film Center

165 minutes, , In ,
Rated NR: _

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Opening Song, Remarks, Land Acknowledgment
Joe Buffalo, Fast Horse (2 Short Films)
SOOYII/ Feature

“Sooyii” tells the story of the 18th century introduction of smallpox brought by Spaniards on horseback, to the Indigenous peoples of the New World. It is a personal adventure documenting the devastating horror of the disease, and the power of the horse and its armor-clad riders. While the disease destroyed and turned village against village, the horse, called “Elk-Dog” and “Creature”, promised salvation to those who had never encountered a beast with such utility, strength and spirit. To the Native Americans, the Creature represented power and a chance to possibly master and destroy the raging disease.
White= Open, Gray= Buffer Seat, Purple= Occupied

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Saturday, January 22nd