We Are Many

dir. Amir Amirani, 2015
NR, 110 min, UK, in English

Watch the premiere on the LIVESTREAM on Monday, September 21 at 5pm

Presented by the Whatcom Peace + Justice Center as part of the 2020 International Day of Peace weekend events. 40% of ticket sales from the live stream go to support WPJC!

Opens for the full run on Friday, September 25

Brilliantly seamed documentary, anyone who cares about global humanity should watch this. Some documentaries are said to change the world, this one makes subtle yet hugely significant changes in us which could have its part in changing the world. It is important to come back to these events that seem to disappear for the majority of us, not too long after they happen. It is important to reflect on our history and review the stance we did or did not take at the time. We Are Many is a reminder of the atrocities we can choose to or not to take part in and says that if we choose to respect life, there is probably millions of other people that feel the same way.