We Are Not Ghouls

Playing at Pickford Film Center

93 minutes, English, In DOC-Social/Racial Justice, DOC-Politics
Rated NR: _

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Directed by Chris James Thompson
Co-presented by Bellingham Human Rights Film Festival

When US Air Force JAG Attorney Yvonne Bradley volunteered to defend Binyam Mohamed, who faced a death penalty case at Guantanamo Bay in 2005, she believed the detainees there were ‘the worst of the worst’ in the war on terror. Yvonne’s view was immediately challenged, however, as she began untangling Mohamed’s case and confronted the truth about what happened to him. We Are Not Ghouls is about corruption at the highest levels of power and the dangers for those who choose to fight for justice.

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Saturday, October 29th


Tuesday, November 1st