Each October, Pickford Film Center presents Doctober, our month long celebration of the art of the documentary featuring some of the most diverse and varied programming offered all year. See something different this year. With over 60 films in the lineup for 2019, something for everyone is hardly an exaggeration.

Doctober gives us an opportunity to work with other organizations in Bellingham to bring important issues to the community, frequently with filmmaker visits, special guests, pre-screening receptions and guided discussions. Take a look at each event below to find more details.

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2019 Lineup:

Fantastic Fungi

Fantastic Fungi

Playing at Limelight Cinema
74 minutes, USA, In English, Documentary
Rated NR: .

Presented by North Cascades Institute
Sponsored by Knechtel Enterprises

with month-long mushroom specials at Camber and Cosmos Bistro

An artistically-shot, scientifically-sound, life-affirming film about mycelium: the incredible, intelligent network under our feet that has the proven ability to restore our ecosystem, repair our health, and resurrect our symbiotic relationship to nature. Fantastic Fungi aspires to be an educational, inspirational, and ultimately critical film that explores the uses and benefits of fungi in the areas of medicine, environmental engineering, and personal transformation. Narrated by Brie Larson and featuring insight from Paul Stamets, Michael Pollan, and Andrew Weil.

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The Pollinators

The Pollinators

Playing at Pickford Film Center
92 minutes, USA, In English, Documentary
Rated NR: .

Presented by the Community Food Co-op

The Pollinators is a cinematic journey around the United States following migratory beekeepers and their truckloads of honey bees as they pollinate the flowers that become the fruits, nuts and vegetables we all eat. We will talk to farmers, scientist, chefs, economists and academics along the way to give a broad perspective about the threats to honey bees and what it means to our food security.

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