Caretaker Ticket

We are happy to offer a free ticket to an accompanying caretaker.  
Please email or visit the box office.
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Service animals are welcome at the Pickford Film Center (PFC).   
Per Washington State law, service animals must be trained to assist their handlers; obedience training alone is insufficient.  Comfort animals, emotional support animals, and pets do not meet the training requirement

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Please be aware of the following when coming to the movies with your service animal:

  • Service animals must sit or stand on the floor in our theaters. No animals in seats.
  • Our staff may ask a series of legally appropriate and respectful questions to confirm a service animal's status as such. Refusal to answer these questions creates grounds to exclude an animal from our theaters and/or other public spaces within the PFC.
  • An animal handler will never be asked:
    • about the nature or extent of their disability or to provide proof thereof.
    • to have their animal demonstrate its tasks or duties or to provide proof that the animal is trained.
  • Though not required, a vest or other visual identification may assist our staff in identifying service animals.
  • Handlers must control their service animals at all times.
    • Handlers may be asked to leave with their service animals if disruptive behavior occurs in theaters and/or other public spaces within the PFC.
    • Disruptive behavior includes but is not limited to defecating or urinating inside the building, barking or making other noise excessively (unrelated to the service the animal provides), and running to, jumping on, or acting aggressively toward people.

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It is our goal to provide the best movie-going experience for everyone

  • Closed-captioning devices (CCAP)*
    • The USL CCR-100P personal closed caption display features a flexible gooseneck stem and a base that fits into cinema seat cupholders.
      • Note PFC has six total personal closed caption displays available. Due to unpredictable usage patterns we cannot guarantee all six will be available for simultaneous use.
    • The USL CCH-100 closed caption glasses feature adjustable lenses such that the user can "place" the caption display where they like. The glasses plug into an infrared receiver worn around the user's neck.
      • Note PFC has two total personal closed caption glasses sets available. Due to unpredictable usage patterns we cannot guarantee both will be available for simultaneous use.
  • Assistive Listening Equipment with headphones or neckloops (HI/VI)*
    • The USL IRH-280i headsets feature noise-canceling earpads, a dedicated volume adjustment dial for each ear, and two modes:
      • Hearing impaired (HI) mode - hear the film's audio track
      • Visually impaired (VI) mode - hear narration of the action on-screen
        • Note PFC has six total headsets available. Due to unpredictable usage patterns we cannot guarantee all six will be available for simultaneous use.
    • Comtek NTC-102 Flexible Neckloop Transductors
      • Note these require a compatible earpiece. PFC has two total neckloops available.


Please note, closed-caption devices and assistive listening equipment are only available if the film you’re attending has closed-captioning and assistive listening presentations made for the film as part of its theatrical distribution.

  • Open Captioned films and foreign films with subtitles  check website tagging for availability.

  • Accessible seating
    • The front few rows in both cinemas have seats with liftable armrests 
    • Wider seats are scattered throughout each cinema
    • In theater 1, rows A-C are all 1 inch wider and have armrests that lift
      • For those that don't enjoy sitting up front, some 1 inch wider seats are scattered throughout, though the armrests on those do not lift up
    • In theater 2, it gets more complicated
      • The front three rows all have armrests that lift up, but only seats A2, A7, B2, & B10 are 1 inch wider
      • Rows D,E, M, & L are all 1 inch wider, but the armrests do not lift up
      • Seats K3-4, K8-11, H3-6, and H9-11 are 3 inches wider, but the armrests do not lift up
    • Accessible platforms are designed for but not limited to wheelchair use
      • If our regular cinema seating is inaccessible to you, you may ask a projectionist to use a chair from the lobby on one of the accessible platforms

All theaters are ADA accessible with wheelchair seating available.

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Marketing Signup

Marketing Signup

Site Note

We open 30 minutes before the first showtime of the day.
All theaters are ADA accessible with wheelchair seating.
Closed captioning and assistive listening devices are available at the box office.

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